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Top 14+ websites that pay writers in Nigeria

Freelance writing is one of the ways a lot of people make money online working from their home.  With the rate of unemployment in Nigeria, you can be writing articles for different websites and getting paid right from comfort zone of your home. That’s what freelance writing is all about.

websites that pay writers in Nigeria
Write and Get paid in Nigeria

If you are new to freelance writing, then it is not too late to get started. Below, we have for you more than 14 websites that pay writers in Nigeria. Select one or two and start writing for them

I would want you to note that you need to have sound writing skill if you will get paid for your write-up. You must have passion and interest in doing sound research for your clients.

Before you start pitching your potential clients, make sure you understand that you are now running a business. Your success will be determined by your effort and your client’s satisfaction.

As a Nigerian freelance writer, you must understand your niche and how you are going to receive your money when you have done the work for your clients. It is also important to take note of how much you will be paid because this will determine if you will call your work a business or not.

14+ Websites that Pay Writers in Nigeria

Here are websites that pay writers in Nigeria. We’ve group them into three category:

  1. Nigerian Websites that pay writers
  2. Africa websites that pay Nigerian writers
  3. Foreign Websites that pay Nigerian writers

Nigerian Websites that pay writers

#1.  Naijaonlinebiz

The Naijaonlinebiz blog is a business-focused blog. Its goal is to give business owners access to information that will help them to succeed in business as well as live happily. It is the main focus region is Nigeria. You can get more information from our write for us page for more details if you have an interest in writing for us.

Niche: Business (offline and online)

Article length: 1500 + words

Payment Rate: $5 -$10

Payment method: Local bank deposit/transfer

#2.  BandsNG

The BandsNG writing platform is a content curating section that allows you to post your content and connect with other writers and readers as well. Your payment will be dependent on engagement and your interaction with other writers and content. You can sign up if you want to become a writer on BandsNG. For more details you can visit BandsNG

Article length: Not specified

Payment Rate: The rate is based on the points you generate from your activities.

Payment method: Local bank deposit

#3.  Opera News Hub

If you have the Opera News hub app on your smartphone, it means you should understand the content that pops up for you to read were all written by freelance writers. At the time of writing, Opera Boast of over 20 million users of their Opera news app.

You can reach this audience with your content while you make money at the same. You can sign-up with Opera News Hub to start writing for them.

Payment Rate: Depends on user engagement.

Payment method: Opay

#4.  Info Guide Nigeria

This is a Nigerian base information guide blog. They publish. You can apply to write for info Guide Nigeria by requesting for a topic from the website manager. Acceptance is based on the assessment of your completed article.

Article length: Not less than 1000 words

Payment Rate: 500 per article.

Payment method: Local bank deposit/transfer

Africa websites that pay Nigerian writers

These are African focused website and magazine that you can write for and get paid. They accept African writers and are very supportive.

#5.  The Elephant

The Elephant is a platform for engaging citizens to reflect, re-member, and re-envision their society by interrogating the past, the present, to fashion a future. You can check out their write for us page for more details.

Article length: 1500 to 3500 words

Payment Rate: Not mentioned

Payment Method: Unspecified

#6.  African Leadership Magazine

African Leadership Magazine welcomes unsolicited news stories, articles, and blog posts. It is an African base magazine that covers information across Africa. You can check their write for us page for more details.

Article Length: 800 to 1000 words

Payment Rate: Not mentioned

Payment Method: Unspecified

#7.  Whats on Africa

It covers information from major cities across Africa among the list are Lagos, Addis Ababa, Johannesburg, Nairobi, and more. They accept content that is written from a fresh, smart, and considered perspective – on culture, creative economy, business, and development; particularly when linked to relevant current events and debates happening within these areas related to the African continent. You can check out their write for us page for more details.

Article length: 1200 to 1500 words

Payment rate: £50 to £80

Payment method: Unspecified

#8.  African Argument

The African Argument is a platform powered by the Royal African Society. They are open to African writers who would write articles that cover the African continent. You can check-out the African Argument write for us page for more details.

Article length: 800 to 1000 words

Payment rate: Not mentioned

Payment method: Unspecified

Foreign Websites that pay Nigerian writers

I added foreign base websites that pay writers because I want you to understand that freelance writing goes beyond the shore of Nigeria and Africa.

You can tap into the opportunities that lay before you today. Enjoy your freelance writing work and make more money for yourself.

#9.  Upwork

Upwork is a job board that you can get all fort of writing jobs from. A lot of freelance writers are using Upwork to gain experience in their freelance writing business. Upwork takes 20% of the amount of work you do for your clients.

To start writing on the Upwork platform, you need to sign up for a freelancers account.

Payment rate: It depends on the work.

Payment method: Payoneer

#10.  Guru is a freelance marketplace that connects freelancers and clients. You can easily get jobs here because it is one of the oldest and trusted freelancing platforms. To start writing for Guru, you need to sign up for an account.

Payment rate: It depends on the work.

Payment method: Payoneer

#11.  Freelancer

Freelancer is an old platform that connects clients and freelancers. The platform allows you to bid alongside other freelance for available gigs. They get a lot of jobs from clients, so you will always find the ones you want to bid for. When you finally get the work, it is easier to get your payment via Payoneer.

To start using the Freelancer platform, you need to sign up for an account with them

Payment rate: Base on clients and job demand

Payment method: Payoneer

#12. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is another freelance writing job board that connects freelance writers with potential clients. This platform connects clients to expert freelancers who are available to hire by the hour or project. You can join PeoplePerHour by signing up now.

Payment rate: Base on work

Payment method: Payoneer

#13. Fiverr

Fiverr is a popular platform that connects freelancers to their potential clients. There are different work that you can do for clients. Though the platform is currently saturated, with a solid portfolio and your marketing skills; I am sure you will easily get work from clients. You can sign up with Fiverr to start getting the project from clients.

Payment rate: Starts from $5

Payment method: Payoneer

#14. Indeed

Indeed is one of the global job search engines that curates jobs across the globe. You can use it to get jobs from any location of your choice. This is an added advantage to freelance writers because they will be able to connect with potential clients who are looking for remote freelance writers.

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Do you know that you can also get writing gigs from your favorite social networks? You can do a quick search to find the groups and pages that are related to freelance writing. Make a formal request that you are available for any freelance writing work. You can do go to the following sites and do your findings.


You can join freelance writing groups. These groups may have access to jobs that may be waiting for you to do. You can take every time you spend on the group to market your services across to your group members. Please, don’t overdo your marketing since it may go against some group’s terms of use.


LinkedIn was founded on the premise that it will connect professionals to opportunities. This is why you can’t be left behind in the use of LinkedIn to get clients for your freelance writing business. You can join freelance writing groups. Better still, you can follow others that are in the freelance writing business as you. Remember to set up your profile for others to know that you do freelance writing.


Twitter is a big platform that is another gold mine for any serious freelance writer. Your Twitter account shouldn’t just remain a place where you publish your tweet. You can use it to connect with potential clients.


You can use the Nairaland platform to market your service. I have seen other people do the same thing with their products. This is a good way to land gigs within Nigeria.

WhatsApp Group

When like-minded people come together, it is easier to get things done. You can easily find jobs from others who share the same thought as you. With a smartphone in your hand, you are good to go.


You can get more jobs from your best social media. A lot of potential clients do post their jobs on their favorite pages and groups across social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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