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3 Best Platforms Nigerians can use to Make Money Online

What are the top 3 best platforms I can use to make money online in Nigeria? This is one of the most common searches by Nigerians on Google. A number of options are available. There are freelancing platforms, mobile Apps, or globally recognized platforms that leverage technology you use to make money in Nigeria.

Best Platforms Nigerians can use to Make Money Online

An interesting fact is this – even with the availability of these money making platforms, many Nigerians still do not know how to make money online. While some of people know these platforms, but just find them somewhat difficult to use them.

Certainly, this post will expose you to the best platforms that you can use to make money online in Nigeria. In other words, your question on” How to Make Money Online in Nigeria” will be answered when you understand how these various platforms work.

 Best Platforms You Can Use To Make Money Online

  1. Write and get paid platforms
  2. Freelancing platforms
  3. Mobile Apps


Make Money Online via Naijaonlinebiz Write and get Paid

One of the best write and get paid platforms is the Naijaonlinebiz write for us. Oh! “How come I never know about this”? Hm! Now that you know, is it not time you join us.

Naijaonlinebiz has been in existence for years and its write for us platform is one of the most common ways to make money online in Nigeria. Apart from its write for us and get paid platform, the blog also provides relevant information on how to make money online.

Interestingly, anyone who intends to make money online in Nigeria can do this by going naijaonlinebiz’s write for us section. This section of naijaonlinebiz is open to freelance writers in Nigeria and abroad.

When you write for Naijaonlinebiz, you earn $5 – $10 (that’s ₦2,500 – ₦5,000) per article you write. And you’ll get paid instant, that’s once your article is approved.

Here is the procedure to get started:

  1. Go to naijaonlinebiz write for us section – read the article submission guideline
  2. Sign up with us by sending the following information to us through our contact page:
  • Name (in Full)
  • Active email address & alternative email address (optional)
  • Your Website/Blog URL (optional)
  • Your Website/Blog brief description (optional)
  • Brief information about you.
  • Articles titles
  • Wait for our acknowledgement email and further email for more detail

3. Write the article and submit for approval.

4. You will get an email from us that you article has been approved

Make Money Online via Freelancing Platform

The number two option on our list is freelancing platforms. Some freelancing platforms have been in existence for years. And a good number of them have earned good reputations for themselves. With the freelancing platforms, you can make money online in Nigeria with ease.

Graphic designing skill, good writing skills, web developing, programming skill, mobile app developing skills, copywriting skill, translational skills, SEO skill etc. are all monetizable skills. If you’re good at any of them, you can monetize it through freelancing platform.

Some list of best freelancing platforms you can use to make money online include:

Here is the procedure on how to make money online via freelancing platform:

  • Create an account – Of course, the number one step is signing up with the freelancing service provider. Create an account on the freelancing platforms (Fiverr, Guru, Freelancer, Upwork or oDeskwork) using your email address or facebook account. And remember to use a strong password. Importantly, ensure you sign up as a freelancer.


  • Add your profile – The next step is to add your profile. This should include your professional skills, certifications and educations. On Upwork, you’ll be allowed to upload your resume as your profile. The profile should help you stand out from the crowd. And to win clients or buyers. If you are offering graphic designing services for example, you may need to add two or three jobs you have successfully completed timely on your profile.


  • Create a gig (on fiverr) or list your services for client to buy – The next thing is to list your services for a client to buy your services. Before you can get a client or buyer for the services you offer; you have to list the services you offer. On Fiverr, you create a gig. Creating a gig is a way of listing the services you offer. For example, you can create a gig that says, “I will provide expert ios and android mobile app development” if you or your company is good at mobile app development.


  • Review your services – It’s always good to review the services you want to list to ensure buyers easily find you. Make sure it contains all necessary keywords to help buyers find your services while searching on search engines.


  • Earn –once you complete a task or job for a client timely, you make money. Ensure you include the amount you’ll collect for completing a task while listing your services.

Make money online through Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps is another valid means to make money online.  Using mobile apps to make money online isn’t difficult.  It will require that you download the mobile app from Google play store if you’re using an android phone.  Or if you’re using an iPhone or ios phone, you’ll have to download the app from apple store.

Some list of best mobile apps you can use to earn money online in Nigeria include:

Google Opinion Rewards App

One of the mobile apps you can use to make money online is Google Opinion Reward app. And as the name suggests, it is an opinion (survey) rewards application.

Setting up Google Opinion Rewards isn’t difficult.  Download the app and install. Launch it, Google Opinion Rewards will require you sign in using your Google account.

You should then receive a preliminary “test” survey, partly to make sure you understand your part in this mutually beneficial relationship, and partly to establish your demographics.

While you might get questions concerning online purchases, many surveys from Google Opinion Rewards relies on your recent journeys. With location services enabled in your Android, you receive a better chance of receiving surveys that ask you about places you visited recently.

Surveys take around 10 seconds to complete, and can receive up to $1.00 per survey. After some few weeks, you can end up with a good amount of Google survey rewards.  If you’re an iPhone user, your PayPal account will be credited, whereas Android users’ rewards are credited to their Google account.

BuzzBreak App

BuzzBreak is another mobile application you can use to make money online. BuzzBreak is a mobile application that rewards you for reading breaking news from popular newspapers and magazines that include:

  • CNBC
  • Al Jazeera, Forbes
  • The New York Times
  • Business Insider
  • And other reputable news sources depending on your country.

As of the time of writing this article, BuzzBreak is only available for Android users.

Getting started with this app is easy. Download and install the app. Next, create a free account. using either your Google or Facebook account. If you create BuzzBreak account with your Facebook account, you’ll get extra 1,000 points. The company gives 15,000 points as a sign-up bonus.

The app is easy to use. You just require tap on the yellow button every 30 seconds to claim points. Unlike most reward apps, it has low minimum cash out of just $0.02. 100,000 point is equivalent to $0.10; you can do the remaining math yourself.


GoMoney is a mobile banking app that operate the same way like your physical bank. With GoMoney, you can transfer money, receive money, split tabs to ease costs.

The interesting part of the app is the REFERRAL PROGRAM. With GoMoney referral program, you can make money online.

Here is how it works

  • Download and install the app, just other mobile apps.
  • Lunch it. And create an account
  • Deposit N1,000 on the account and begin to refer other people

If you refer someone who uses your referral code (your phone number), and the person funds his/her account with N1,000, you will get N500 as your referral bonus. And you can now withdraw your initial deposit of N1,000 and bonus of N500. But due to transaction charges, you’ll able to withdraw back N992 only.  In a nutshell, you‘ll be only charge about N7 for account activation instead of the N1000.

Let’s do a simple math, if you referred 20 people to the GoMoney app and they all deposited N1000 on their account, you will get a whopping sum of N10,000 as your referral bonus.

Scoopers News (formerly Eaglee)

Scoopers news is mobile app that pays users who post articles and refer others to the app. Just like other mobile applications, you have down the app from Google play store for Android users and app store for Iphone users to get started.

Lunch the app, and create an account for approval.  Once your account is approved, visit Scooper’s content creator project “PostNow” to start publishing news articles, blogs and videos on Scooper, covering various fields and topics.

If you read any post or refer someone to app and the person uses your referral code, you’ll earn money. Content writers earn $0.8 (₦288) for every post that passed review.

Foap App

Foap App is a mobile platform you can use to promote and sell your photos. Every Photo you upload to your Foap profile sell for $10 each on the marketplace.  Foap takes 50% commission. So you’ll end up making $5 per photo sold.

Some other ways you can make money with Foap app via:

Regular Foap Missions – Regular Foap missions usually require specific products in photos/videos. And the rewards range from $50 to $200. These Missions usually have only 1 winner. Meanwhile, your photos can sell in regular Missions for $10 each, but in exclusive Missions their price can go up to $60. Like usual, your earnings are split 50/50 with Foap.

Premium Missions – Here you have to unlock in Foap app first using Foap coins. And you can earn coins by watching Video Ads in the app or by simply getting them on their website. No specific product is required in the photos unlike in regular mission. The missions are made in a way that everyone can participate in it. You can make total rewards up to $2000 in this mission.

Sampled Missions – Sampled mission is designed in such a way to let you receive products at no cost other than your creative input. All you have to do is to choose what brands you wish to work with and which items you would like to receive.

Add photos of other users of Foap app to your album and wait for someone who’s searching for an exact photo to find it in your album. For each photo you’ve added, that is sold from the album you’ve created you’ll make $0.25.

Carry1st Trivia

Carry1st Trivia is a play and earn application.

To get started with this app, download and install the carry1st live trivia app from Google Play Store or App store. Create an account and sign in to your Carry1st Trivia account. Ensure you pay attention to when the games will be playing.

You’ll get the highest score by answering multiple choice questions on a range of topics.

Each question you answered correctly, you earn points. If you answer any questions incorrectly, you can still earn little money by getting your friends to participate in the game. If you’re successful, your reward is $0.50 per trivia game that you answer correctly.

Additionally, you’ll earn a 10% bonus on all your earnings if you refer at least three friends who play trivia with the Carry1st app.

You can withdraw earnings into your bank account or send it directly to another user using their mobile number as their username.

Before you start, try Practice Mode to test your skills and improve your technique.


Other Platforms To Make Money Online in Nigeria

There are other ways you might want to explore to make money online. Making money online in Nigeria does not end with freelancing or referral program.  Even social media platforms  are  use to make money online in Nigeria

Below are other options

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