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Laundry business in Nigeria; how to Start, Equipment & Pricelist

This article is designed to give you an in-depth information on how to start/run laundry business in Nigeria, the equipment needed to start a laundry business and the Nigerian Laundry Price list.

 Laundry business often referred to as dry cleaning business has been on in Nigeria over decades. The business is a service business and the services that are involve include the washing, drying and ironing of clothes and other textile materials for persons, organizations and companies. It is a very lucrative low-risk business anyone can start in Nigeria or in any locality in Nigeria.

Laundry Business in Nigeria: How to Start, Equipment, Cost and Pricelist
credit: CSC ServiceWorks

The business is thriving so well in different cities in Nigeria because;

  • the population of Nigeria is growing bigger every year.
  • everyone loves to put on neat and well ironed clothes especially for going to work, occasions and outings
  • most people are very busy at work every week and the tight schedule makes it very difficult to create enough time to wash clothes.
  • an average Nigerian person leaves home very early in the morning and return late at night and no time to attend to washings.
  • most people work on Saturdays (free working day) leaving Sunday only which can also be occupied by one meeting or the other.
  • It’s a business one can do as a part time business

There are many reasons why you should consider starting a laundry business in your locality and some of such reasons are;

  • laundry business can be started with no money (Only applicable to home-based laundry business).
  • There are always customers if you publicize your business very well.
  • The cost to set up and run a laundry business is not so much depending on the level you wish to start from. You can start on a small scale and grow large.
  • It is very profitable and you can make a lot of money from laundry business if you’re able to managed it well.
  • It is such a business you can start from your home if you can’t afford a shop.
  • you become a boss of your own and stay in control of your time.
  • you can run it concurrently with your pay job to raise passive income.

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Equipment Needed to Start Laundry Business in Nigeria

Equipment needed to start a laundry business in Nigeria includes;

  • Power Generating Set
  • Washing Machine/ Washer
  • Dryers
  • Pressing Iron (Dry and steam pressing iron)
  • Washing Table and Chair
  • Steamer
  •  Hangers
  • Safety Tank and Tank Stand
  • Pressing Table
  • Towel/Table Cloth

Other equipment/materials needed to start a laundry business

Other equipment needed to start a laundry business includes;

  • Drying racks
  • Packaging Waterproofs
  • Laundry detergent
  • Bleach and stain removers
  • Garment Conveyor
  • Starch
  • Water
  • Tags
  • Shelves
  • Spray/Deodorant

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Cost of Starting a Laundry Business in Nigeria

The major reason why I avoid discussing about cost on this site is because costs is relative. In other words, the cost of starting a laundry business in Nigeria varies from one locality in Nigeria to another. For example, the amount you will need to rent space in Abuja can comfortably take care of all your cost in certain part of Ebonyi State.  Even some other laundry materials you might expect to be of the same price are not. You see that it does not make sense to conclude that certain amount of money is what you will need to start a laundry business in Nigeria. Again, laundry business is of different level—home based drying cleaning business can be started with no money. Low scale, small scale, medium scale and large-scale laundry business; each of them requires different capital start up. The best way I think will be to go out and find out the cost of materials and equipment you need. You`ll definitely get the cost of items you need to get started with laundry business in your locality.

How to Start a Laundry Business in Nigeria

If you’re planning to start a laundry business; you can follow these steps below to start a laundry business in Nigeria:

Get a good location

Getting a good location is one of the most important steps you have to take when starting your laundry business. Consider locations in open places and residential areas. Where your business is located can either make or mar your business. I’ll recommend you find a location with less competition. High traffic location is also a good location to start from. High traffic areas are busy place where people coming from work or going through can see you.

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Register your business and get all necessary permit

Running a laundry business may require that you register your business and get all necessary permit. If you want your business to stand the test of time, you need to register your business and get all important receipt. Depending on your location, you may have to pay some fees like local government fee, ESWAMA, Business premises fee etc.  Find out and make sure you settle with all of them to avoid any sort of disruption to ensure smooth running of your laundry business.

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Put Down Your Laundry Business Plan

Writing down your laundry business plan is an important step in starting laundry business. The business plan will serve as blueprint for your business. You can always resort to your plan in trial times in your business. When seeking Loan from companies they’ll likely demand your business plan before they’ll offer loan to you. These and many more are reasons you need a business plan

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Buy necessary equipment needed to start a laundry business

Once, you have concluded with your laundry business plan, your next step should be to acquire the equipment you will need to get your laundry business started. The equipment you buy will depend on the scale (low, small, medium or large) you want to operate. If you do not have the money to buy the big equipment you can buy the ones you can and start small. If you can’t buy a washing machine, you can decide to wash with hand and then buy iron, soaps and other material.

Hire workers

If you’re starting in a large scale, you may need to hire workers. Dry cleaners and laundromats may require you to hire help but a home-based laundry business is something you can start and run yourself.

Get started

once you get to this stage, you need to get started. The journey of a thousand mile begins in a step. There is no other time you can start rather than at this point.

Additional services to offer

You can offer additional services such as washing bed sheets, curtains, rug carpets and other household items to increase your profit.

Promotion and Advertise your Business

Once you get started, the next step to take is to promote/advertise your business. Don’t over look advertisement and promotion of your business. Try to put enough energy and time in promoting your business

Here are ways you can Advertise/promote laundry business;

  • Design and put a sign post outside the shop to let people know about your business
  • Use social media like facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. to tell your friends close to your shop
  • Offer promotion with discount. People love discounts, offer a discount like 25% off.
  • Design and print flyers and share around your shop
  • Talk to people you know and request they tell their friends
  • Offer home delivery and pick up after washing
  • Visit offices, banks and inform the workers of your new professional services
  • Cut down your prices at least for the start.
  • Advertise on Google

With strong advertisement campaign, promotion and good quality service you will surely win a lot of customers to your laundry business. I believe within a space of time if you’re serious with the business, money will start rolling in.

Laundry Price List in Nigeria

Laundry price list in Nigeria varies from one locality to another. It is therefore very important that before fixing your laundry price list, you will need to first go out and investigate the current rate being charged per service by other laundry practitioners in your locality. it will help you to avoid over charging of your customers. Over- charging will scare your customers away and that’s not a good way to start. Here is the current laundry price list of well-known laundry business in Lagos-Nigeria. You can adjust this price list to suit the area where your business is located.


Tie                                                                                         N100

Shirt                                                                                      N200

Trouser                                                                               N200

Suits                                                                                      N500

Safari suit                                                                           N400

Complete native(Buba and agbada)                   N850

Jeans                                                                                     N200

Women native                                                                 N300

Men native                                                                        N300

Skirt and blouse                                                             N300

Bed sheet Small                                                            N250

Bed sheet large                                                             N350

Blanket Duvet                                                                N500

Towel small                                                                      N150

Towel medium                                                              N250

Towel large                                                                     N300

Wedding gown                                                           N2500

Aso- oke complete                                                    N500

Little bride gown                                                        N350

Pillow case                                                                    N150

Pajamas                                                                         N150

Native cap                                                                   N150

Socks                                                                              N50 per pair

Singlet                                                                            N100

Sweater                                                                         N300

Foot mat                                                                        N300

Curtain                                                                           N450

Rug carpets                                                                  N2500 (depending on the size)

To conclude; laundry business is a business anyone can start/run and make money if properly manage. You mustn’t buy all the laundry equipment above; you can select from the list depending your financial capacity and the level you want to operate. For the laundry price list, you can adjust price to suit you.


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  1. Good day sir/ma,
    Can a student start up this business and thrive in it and does the price work for someone in Anambra state??

    1. It might be difficult for you cope with your academics while running this business unless you employ someone to assist you. The price will work anywhere in Nigeria except in rural area

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