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How to Write a Complaint Letter (with Samples)

Find out ⇒ what complaint letter is,  how to write a letter of complaint and samples of complaint letters.

What is Complaint Letter?

A complaint Letter or Letter of Complaint is a letter written to address wrong doing, issues, annoyance, injustice, indignation emanating out of a product, service etc.  It is usually used to raise concerns about unfair treatment and seek a positive outcome for a customer or consumer. They are also used to vent out pent-up emotions arising out of painful or bad experience. It is a fundamental right and duty of a consumer/customer to seek justice arising out of any injustice, which is initiated by a Complaint.

Complaint letter then, become first Step towards customers/consumer’s Rights. It inspires other hassled customers/consumers, influence the concerned authorities towards taking proper action and make the offender more liable, responsible and responsive. This is because unresponsive behavior of the offender is liable to a Punishable Court Proceeding or an Expensive Lawsuit.

Writing complaints letters is an essential responsibility of the victim who seeks fair outcomes. Complaint Letter writing is not only a pre-warning for the offender but also a chance for them to rectify their act in time. These letters are not just meant for defective products or service. It can also be written towards any injustice happening in the society, like ‘Smoking in Public’, ‘Misuse of Water by any Person or an Organization’ and any issue happening in society which needs to be addressed.

Anyone can lay complaint through letter if there is a legitimate reason.  Many people have been denied their benefits when working with one company or the other.  It is your right to Anyone can write a letter to the administration regarding the pollution, water supply, traffic problems etc. Complaints can be written to NEPA, PHCN or Electricity Department. A complaint letter can also be written to banks and other financial institutions on issues related to cash withdrawal, transfer, bill payment and so on. Complaints are also written to police, HR, Employer, Embassy, etc.

You don’t need to be a lawyer or an influential person before you can write complaint letter against an ill treatment, service or product related problem. All you need is format on how to write a complaint letter with all the relevant information. In the matter contained here, you will get all the tips to write a complaint letter, how to write a complaint letter and samples of complaint letter.

This article covers;

  • Sample of complaint letter to EEDC, NEPA, PHCN or Electricity Department
  • Sample of complaint letter to bank and other financial company
  • How to write complaint email to bank and financial institutions
  • Sample of complaint letter to police, Human Resource, Employer, Embassy, NYSC etc
  • How to write a complaint letter about bad customer service
  • Sample letter of complaint to management
  • Complaint letter to service provider
  • Complaint letter example for bad product
  • Complaint letter sample for poor customer service
  • Sample complaint letter for poor delivery service

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Before, I proceed to show you how to write a complaint letter and samples of Complaint letter; let look at types and categorizes of Complaint Letters

Types and categorizes of Complaint Letters

A Complaint letter is of different types. Depending on the level of an organization or an individual, complaint letter can be:

Personal Complaint Letters – this category of a letter is written at a personal level by an individual. it is called as Personal Complaint Letter. These are written by consumers to get refund, replace a product etc.  These are also written for grievances’ regarding a service or any problem affecting the individual or society at large.

Professional Complaint Letters – When a letter is written on behalf of an organization or company. it is called known as Professional Complaint Letter. These letters have the backing of the company/an organization and are mostly related to professional issues, items and services.

Format for writing Complaint letter

Format for writing Letter of Complaint include;

  1.     Background
  2.     Problem
  3.     Solution
  4.     Warning
  5.     Closing
  •  Background

This section describes the situation

Example 1. I write to inform you on the poor performance of your bank especially in the handling of my Account DT4227.

Example 2. I humbly write to inform you that the account information sent to me does not bear my correct name.

Example 3.  I am writing to inform you that we (Tenants of No. 34 Princewill Road) ’re overcharge by NEPA/PHCN.

  • Problem

This section describes the causes.

Example 1. Each time I pay money by cheque into the account; it is never credited into the account until some four (4) weeks later.

Example 2: We took count of all our points and we’re convinced that we are overcharged.

  • Solution

I believe corrections are to be made by the reason of this letter.

  • Warning (optional)

If proper care is not taking, I am thinking of closing the account.

  •  Closing

I look forward to receiving your explanations on these matters. Thank you

Sample of Complaint Letter to a Bank


                                             Block A21, NNPC Quarters,

                           Gariki 11, Abuja.

                                  12th February, 2012.

The Bank Manager,

1st Bank of Nigeria,

Area 3, Gariki, Abuja.

Dear Sir,

Complaint Letter about Bad Customer Service

         I regret to write to inform you about my acute disappointed with the performance of your bank especially in the handling of my account DT4227.

         I have been an old customer of your bank and have been operating this account satisfactorily for over eight years it is however sad to notice that each time I pay  money by cheque into the account; it is never credited into the account until some four (4) weeks later. This is very sad lapse. I have been acutely embarrassed on several occasions.

         As I consider this and other lapses delays, and long waiting for cheque to be paid and other hitches encountered to be greatly inconveniencing, I am now considering the possibility of closing my account in the bank. However, I want this letter to be a signal warning before any action can be taken.

         I do most sincerely hope that this warning and complain will lead to an improvement.

Yours sincerely,

Joseph Eze.


Sample of Complaint Letter to a Company

                                                            112 Agbani Awkunanaw,

                                                       Garriki, Enugu State.

                                                   23rd March, 2013.


The Manager,

White Link Investment Co.,

Surulere, Lagos.

Dear Tony,

Complaint Letter to a Company

I am writing to inform you that the goods we ordered from your company have not been supplied correctly.

On 10th August, 2013 we placed an order with your firm to for 20,000 Sunny Television Sets. The consignment arrived yesterday but contained only 5,000 televisions sets.

This error put your firm in a difficult position, as we had to make some emergency purchase to fulfill our commitments to all our customers. This caused us considerable inconvenience.

I am writing to ask you to please made up the short fall immediately and to ensure that such errors do not happen again otherwise, we may have to look elsewhere   for our supplies.

I look forward to hearing from you by return.

Yours sincerely

Obiakor Johnson.

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The above sample of complaints will serve as a template for writing your own complaint letter. Edit it correctly to create your own complaint letter.


  1. Companies are always scared of complaints that involve their product or service.
  2. Writing a complaint letter is an opportunity for you to pour out your grievances and should be treated as a serious business.

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