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Write for us offers freelance writers opportunity to Make Money Online.  As a freelance writer, you can earn between $5 – $10 (₦2,500 – ₦5,000)  per article  you write for us. So, be our guest writer – guest post to earn. You can start your freelancing writing journey here with us.

We’re delighted to welcome you to as a guest author, content writer, freelance writer or blogger. As you might have known, our major objective of setting up Nigeria Resource Hub is to expose our readers to all helpful and successful tips to small businesses, online businesses, make money online and as well as help them create career path of their own, especially for Nigerians.

We equal include all necessary information to help them send money and receive payment  locally and internationally online. Again, we assist them market their  products through digital marketing – internet marketing and SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, blogging, and some other required resources to make this feasible. In fact, we are center for Business Ideas Resource.

With this in mind, we publish posts related to blogging, Digital marketing, online businesses, businesses, technology, finance, investment opportunitieseducation, career and career development, facts and lifestyle,  jobs, resources required to create successful businesses etc.

As a guest writer, contributor or blogger; we urge you to follow the same trend by publishing posts that will provide our readers the opportunities to create successful businesses, make money, create wealth and in turn help them live a fulfill life. This is the kind of guest posting we are expecting.

We will gladly accept and review any such article that meet with the above requirements of guest post when submitted to us.

At this juncture, I presumed you understood the nature and the type of guest posting we are looking for. I believed also that you’ve understood that you will get paid for every guest post of yours we published after thorough review. You can earn at least $5 – $10 per article you write for

Please, do not wait; start now to send us your guest post. Many freelance writers have been and will continue showing interest in guest posting on . It is appropriate you submit you guest post earlier for earlier review and publishing.

If after review and we find your post useful, you will receive mail from us informing you that your guest post have been accepted, you will get prepare for its publishing on our site.

You are expected to supply us with the below relevant information using our contact form when sending us your guest post.

Name (in Full)
• Primary email address & alternative email address (optional)
• Your Website/Blog URL
• Your Website/Blog brief description
• Brief information about you.
• Guest post content

If you send us your guest post or content, we will acknowledge it by sending you email and further send you emails for more detail.

We thank you for your interest in submitting guest post for our review and publishing on Nigeria Resource Hub. We are glad and happy to have you as one of guest contributors who have contributed immensely to growth and success Nigeria Resource Hub.

We plead with you at this point, if it happen that you come across anybody by chance or arrangement that need to learn how to create successful online business and make money online do not hesitate to refer such person to or Nigeria Resource Hub.

You can also invite your friends to join you in writing guest posts for Nigeria Resource Hub as they will equally receive their own share of good work.

Once again, we say thank you. We are please that you are part of Nigeria Resource Hub.

We’ll be happy to have you as part of our team.


272 thoughts on “Write for us”

  1. “I can’t wait to start this writing journey! I feel as though I’ve entered a creative community by joining this website, where I can exchange ideas and pick up tips from other writers. eager for the upcoming experience!

  2. I have sent you an email concerning how to get started on this website.
    Please confirm, i would love to get started immdiately.
    Anticipating your response.

  3. Where do I write here?
    I came to a template with writing space but the description was “Ask a question.
    I decided to continue maybe how it was designed and went up to write my first article on Jobs and Vacancy. But submission became a problem. Please any assistance on this?

  4. Hello my name is (Gideon yakubu) I was in this Westside and today and I am interested in writing for you guys, I don’t know how to get started.

  5. Hello Naija Biz, I’m interested in this writing opportunity.

    Is it still open? I’ll appreciate a reply.

    Also, I don’t have a blog yet. Can I still apply?

      1. Hello Mr. Emmanuel Onwuka, it would be a pleasure to work with you and provide content for your blog.

        But there is an issue, you urged the we send a mail to you and submit our contents but you did not drop any email address in the post.

  6. Am Bifom Desmond I will love to expose my writing skills here and also bring to light information concerning basic life ethics.

  7. John Victor by name I would be honored to showcase my writing abilities to you and hope it might as well be a medium to pass on information


    My name is Maryann Amara Egwere and I am passionate about writing. I found this platform to be informative and engaging. I would be honored to contribute to your platform and share my knowledge and expertise with your readers.
    I look forward to hearing your feedback.

  9. I consider writing a very unique way of expressing lives experiences and keeping the thoughts of human existence a life long issues

  10. Hi,
    I registered in this platform and I will like to work with this site. I consider myself a writer…my specialty is writing infact I have done some school curriculum work like project work and I look forward to work with you. Hoping to hear from you. Thank you

  11. Thanks for sharing, How do I go about it? Would love to contribute valuable piece to this wonderful and informational blog of yours.

  12. Good day,
    Im interested in writing for you but I can’t find any email address to send my application to.
    Secondly, I don’t have a website yet. Can I still apply?

  13. Hi, I would love to write article for your blogs, I am a writer who is very eutusiastic and always read to explore different aspects of our today’s world. I assure you that if you give me a chance to be part of your group you will see a whole new meaning to writing.

  14. Hi. I am Jules a fiction author and I love to write a guest post for you on “the lie behind; work life balance” and “how successfully publish and market your book”

    1. I am a copywriter and I can help you with that. You can call or WhatsApp me on +2348129294023! Waiting to hear from you.

  15. I want to write a blog post related to SEO as I do blogging on related to SEO topics, please give me email to contact you

  16. Hello,

    Hope you are having a great day 🙂

    I am Aruba, Outreach Expert.

    I found when searching for potential sponsored posts opportunities for my client and found it well-curated and relevant. I appreciate it!
    Considering your blog, our team has brainstormed a few ideas that will entertain your readers while remaining relevant to our client.
    Are you interested in collaborating?

    If yes, Please detail your guidelines as well as prices.

    Let me know if you’re interested. I would love to chat more.
    Talk Soon,

  17. I would love to be one of your content developer. I have weighty writing might and witty wrap up delivery to meet readers taste. My articles are on payhip and dotwriters.
    I will can share them at your demand.
    My pen name is Sofia Nelson.

  18. Hi. I’m interested in being a guest writer for your website. I’ve sent my details to your mail, with a sample of my works.

    I look forward to your positive reply soon.


  19. Hello. I’m a blog and content writer. I write articles based on various aspects such as articles on health, sports, finance and so on and i will like to write and get paid under your platform. I will love it if you will kindly reply back. Thank you.

    1. We accept guest posts and you get paid for each article. We pay our writers in Nigeria between N2000 – N5000 per article depending on the article.

      However, we review all articles sent to us before being accepted; if it does not meet our standard it will be rejected.


  20. Hi Emma,
    I am regular reader of your blog and enjoy it. Thank you very much. It is interesting to note the increase in pay from $5 to $50 for a guest content.
    This really highlights how the online business world is changing. And with it the skills needed to succeed even in your personal career. Thanks to COVID this has come a lot earlier.
    It will be a pleasure to review our blog and email guest posts to your email.
    Thanks again, Stay safe everybody!

  21. Hello. I have gone through your guidelines and I am interested in guest posting. If you don’t mind, I would like to know if I’m eligible even without having a blog yet.

    I ask because providing information about my blog or website was one of the prerequisites.

    Do I still stand a chance? Even without having a blog or website yet?

  22. Being a blogger, I am a regular reader of your blog. I do truly like you way of researching and writing the blog with unique style and in easy way. I specially liked your article in which you showcased different aspects of considering job tactics and getting hired easily.

    As you have large number of followers, your blog carry unique content with an easy module of language to cater many people to be be a part of it.

    Since you publish guest posts of different blog authors on your niche, I request that you should also give me an opportunity to present my blog on your niche as it has a quality content and is of a real value.

    I understand the value and quality you need for the content and I assure you for giving such conditions added with it.

    Awaiting your positive response.


  23. Guest Article Enquiry

    ViralBlogTools Team
    to immax2005, naijacom, Info
    28 minutes agoDetails
    Hello Emma Onwuka,

    I’m a Nigerian Blogger. I started blogging slightly over a year ago and has since learnt the basics of content research, SEO, writing and audience targeting.

    I came across your site “Naijaonlinebiz” and would like to be a freelance contributor.
    I’ve read your guideline and I’m OK with it.

    I can write high quality, well structured, error-free and SEO articles for your blog as I’m still working on monetizing my blog.

    I’m currently working on an article to submit to you titled: “A 6 Step Blogging Strategy For Successful Blogging”. I can submit it before today runs out, but what do you think about it? Should I send it?

    Looking forward to your reply.


  24. Hi,I am interested in this,however there is mail indicating where we’d send those details too.
    One more question,how long does review takes?

  25. Thanks for the great opportunity given to every potential Nigerian writer, Emma! In fact, if I find it to be as described exactly on this page, I would say I’ve never come across such a writing opportunity online.

    I’m a passionate blogger and writer with a personal blog and my blog niche is strictly about internet marketing, blogging fundamentals, working strategies, ways to make money online and all topics related to online marketing. I understand what it means to write the kind of content that ranks in Google and, so, I think I would be an instrument of success for Naija Business Guide once I’m accepted.

    And I’m equally impressed to read on this very page that you pay instantly on reviewing and accepting every article. The only question I would like to ask is “What is the minimum number of words to write?” Then I would love to know whether there is any limit to the number of articles I can submit to Naija Business Guide daily? Thanks for getting back in earnest!

    Wish you much success!
    Israel Olatunji

      1. Thanks for your quick response, Emma! Do I want to ask: What of if you’re impressed with my work, would you be willing to add to the number of articles I can write per week? Then on what basis is someone paid $5 and on what basis is someone paid $10? How does one get up to the $10 in the pay range? Thanks!

  26. Hello admin,
    is the offer available to those of us who don’t own a website or blog?
    When we write, how and when do you pay if the post is reviewed and accepted?

  27. I’m a freelance content marketing writer.

    I’ll be happy to guest post on your website and generate natural backlinks for each article I submit so it can rank high in Google search engine.

    I’ll be committed to making your website grow.

  28. Hello Sir/Ma’am,

    Being a blogger, I am a regular reader of your blog. I do truly like you way of researching and writing the blog with unique style and in easy way. I specially liked your article in which you showcased different aspects of considering job tactics and getting hired easily.

    As you have large number of followers, your blog carry unique content with an easy module of language to cater many people to be be a part of it.

    Since you publish guest posts of different blog authors on your niche, I request that you should also give me an opportunity to present my blog on your niche as it has a quality content and is of a real value.

    I understand the value and quality you need for the content and I assure you for giving such conditions added with it.

    Awaiting your positive response.


    Ashish Kumar

  29. Hello

    I am a regular reader of your blog and your blog has helped me a lot in my writing skills and professional career as a blogger. Right now I am interested in contributing towards your website:

    I would love to share my writing experience with your audience if you want me to send you some of my written pieces then it will be a pleasure for me.

    Thank You

  30. Hello Emma,

    Can the guest article be sent to your email as u stated above for people who are not bloggers?

    From your procedure, are people who do not own a blog or website excluded from guest posting?

    1. Hello Harriet,
      We are sorry for late response!
      Yes, send it to our email in form of attached document. Nobody is excluded. We accept guest post from people without blog or website too.

  31. Hello Emma,

    I have read your website and would like to write an article for your website, please let me know what is the procedure to continue.

    Looking forward to hear positive response from your end..:)


  32. Hi Admin,

    I’m here now in Singapore and my husband is in Nigeria. I actually need of money for agency fee. He already have the money with but the problem is that his having a problem on how to send the money to me. What is the best, easiest and fastest way to transfer the money from Nigeria to Singapore… Honestly, Nigeria is very very frustrating when it comes to sending money out from Nigeria…

    Hope to hear from you as soon as possible. Thank you

    Does your company still pay the said amount, $10 to $50 for Guest posting? If so please inbox me at my email id. I am interested in writing for your organization.

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    1. Hello Divaclan,
      if you have gone through the comments; you would have seen how much we pay per post. we pay $5 – $10 per post.
      Thank you for your interest in writing guest for

  36. Happy to know those site.
    I love to write and have been writing inspirational post for long time now, i will be happy to drop my business related articles for you, how do we get started reply via my email or here

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