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Equipment Needed to Start Laundry Business in Nigeria

Are you thinking of starting a laundry business in Nigeria and you want to know the necessary equipment needed to start it

This article is a complete  list of all the equipment needed to start a Laundry business in Nigeria; whether it is home-based laundry or commercial Laundry business. You can  select from the list of equipment to start your own laundry business in your locality or home.

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Equipment Needed to Start Laundry Business in Nigeria

Equipment needed to start a laundry business in Nigeria includes;

Power Generating Set

Power generating set is one of the most equipment needed for Laundry business due to the epileptic power supply in Nigeria. It is a necessity for a laundry business because virtually all laundry services need power supply.  I’ll recommended that you get at least a 6KVA power generating set or 6.5 KVA Generator.

Washing Machine/ Washer

Washing Machine for Laundry Business
Credit: Autowashingmachine

Another important equipment needed for a laundry services business is a washing machine alternatively referred to a washer. To save time and energy, you need a washer. Sometimes, customers can be at your neck and if you can’t deliver quick service; you may find it difficult to succeed in this business. When choosing washing machine, you need to ask yourself some certain questions like; how much load can the washer hold, what’s the length of its cycles, the size of the drum and what features does it have. Most automated commercial laundry equipment performs multifunctional services which may or may not include drying. These machines are usually very costly especially if you are looking for one with multifunctional features. Make sure that you purchase one that has many years warranty so that you don’t spend money on repairs and maintenance after only a few years of purchase. I’ll recommend 10-15kg Washing machine for a commercial laundry business.


dryers are also equipment needed in a laundry business. When buying a dryer for a commercial laundry business, make sure you buy a dry with a temperature regulator (moisture sensor) and an excellent capacity score to save excessive electricity bill and frequent drying of bulky material. A dryer with a moisture sensor turns off automatically before the laundry is overheated. Moisture sensors ensures that fabrics are not exposed to unnecessary heat.

Pressing Iron (Dry and steam pressing iron)

Pressing Iron is important for laundry business as it can used for stretching rumpled gowns, jeans, uniforms and other dress materials. It is important to read the safety controls before use.

Washing Table and Chair

Washing tables and Chairs are important in laundry business especially in a home-based laundry business. You can put cloths on the table to wash them


Steamer are vital equipment for your commercial laundry business. They are used to steam wrinkles rumpled garments. It usually comes with detachable steam brushes and can handle many garments at a time.

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Hangers are used for hanging clothes whether to dry or for storage after Ironing. The common hangers now are plastic hangers

Safety Tank and Tank Stand

Water is one of most important material require for running a successful laundry business. Tank and tank stand are important equipment used for storing water for washing.

Pressing Table

These are table rumpled clothes are placed for pressing/ironing. Durable tables should be purchase for this kind of business.

Towel/Table Cloth

Towel/Table cloth are placed on the pressing table before placing wrinkled or rumpled cloth for ironing. They help to prevent washed cloths from contacting dirt before ironing.

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Other equipment/materials needed to start a laundry business

Other equipment needed to start a laundry business includes;

Drying racks

This is used for drying the cloths, garments or whatever material you’ve washed to dry.

Packaging Waterproofs

You will need packaging waterproofs packaging of the ironed cloths before dispatching.

Laundry detergent

These are detergent specially made for laundry services. Buy detergent used by dry cleaners.

Bleach and stain removers

Used for removing stubborn stains and dirt

Garment Conveyor

This is what you use to hang cloths or transfer the washed materials


Many of your customers may request starch to be added to their cloth

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you will need a good source water supply. If there are no source of direct water supply, you can buy a thank and store water.


you need tags to tag the clothes so you don’t muddle up things


you’re also going to need shelves to keep the ironed and packaged cloth in order


All these are important laundry equipment needed to start a lucrative laundry business in Nigeria.

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