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10+ Best Birthday Gifts for Husband After Marriage/Wedding

Birthday is a special day in someone’s life. Birthday gift is a present given to someone cerebrating his/her birthday on this special day. Find out 10 Best first Birthday Gifts for your Husband,  Nigerian man or Guy after Marriage/Wedding anniversary.

Most Ladies like offering their Husband or man birthday gift after their marriage or wedding anniversary as a sign of their love and care. However, most men don’t expect material things from their woman but getting your man a surprise gift will make him to think more and more of your love and even make him go crazy in love with you.

Birthday Gifts for Husband
Birthday Gifts for Husband Pictures

LET’S SAY! “If I’m passing the local frozen yogurt shop and call him to see if he wants some yogurt, he’ll always say yes and will be very much grateful to receive it.

But if I stop by the frozen yogurt shop without calling him, and then surprise him with the yogurt when getting home, then watch his reaction… I’m the greatest wife in the world! Depending on what your hubby enjoys, whether its yogurt or other things, you’ll want to come up with your own surprises.”

You might know your spouse well better than anyone else, but we all struggle with what gift to get them, right? That’s where these great gift ideas come in. It is a great idea to give your husband a birthday gift that you mostly can see him used, not the ones that he can give to someone else later. Presents are perfect for any birthday, holiday, anniversary or…any other celebration. Surprises make every gift, fun and interesting.

You don’t have to spend so much money to come up with set of creative gift idea he’ll love. If you’re on the hunt for a gift for your husband’s birthday, wedding anniversary, or marriage anniversary; our guide to the best, most unique and super cool gifts for your husband is here to help.

We’ve come up with 10 cheap, fun and unique best Birthday Gifts for Husband After Marriage/Wedding for you already. So, you can successfully spoil him with the perfect gift present.

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Birthday Gifts for Husband after marriage/wedding

Here is some list of best first Birthday gifts for husbands after Marriage and wedding anniversary. Some of these gifts are cheap, unique and surprising.

Traditional wears for birthday gift
Husband’s Birthday Gift after Marriage/Wedding

Most men in Nigeria value traditional attire more than foreign cloths. It is a good and perfect gift you can give to your husband having known his size. Nigerian traditional clothing has reflected the cultures of Nigeria’s hundreds of ethnic groups. In pre-colonial times, Nigerians wore their traditional garb all of the time. In modern times, many Nigerians only wear traditional clothing for special occasions, or to work, and also for religious gatherings e.g. in the church or the mosque.

Most of the cloth are seen wore in the villages by the elders but the modern life in Nigeria has taking the traditional attire in the cities, young men and women always wore their traditional attire every day in the cities, both the Nigerian Politician has always in traditional attire, it has become the most valued and respected cloth in Nigeria.

Getting your man, a good design traditional cloth can make him feel special and happy, it is a gift that you will always see him use and each time he wore it, it can remind him of you.

2. SHOE 

Pair of Shoes for birthday gift
Husband’s Birthday Gift after Marriage/Wedding

Another perfect gift for your husband after marriage or wedding anniversary is a smart, elegant pair of shoes. So, buy a smart, elegant pair of shoes for your man on such occasions.

If your hubby is someone who likes to experiment with his looks, you can opt for some bold colors like red or olive green. Most men love some good shoes, so go to the market and buy some good shoes for your husband and you should definitely go for this idea. You shall have plenty of options to choose. There are many brands with lots of materials that produce shoes of various qualities. you should Buy something within your budget and he will value it all the time.


Men's Wrist Watch for Birthday Gift
Husband’s birthday Gift after Marriage/Wedding

Does your husband want a smartwatch but still loves the classic look of his Casio? The Samsung S3 is the best of both worlds, making it the perfect gift for your husband. It looks like a regular watch, but it can track his exercise, sleep, swimming, heart rate, use various apps, get his texts, and make phone calls. Plus, it’s compatible with both Androids and Apple devices. Smartwatches can’t get better than this!

While you can always rely on your phone to tell you the time, nothing beats conveniently having a watch right on your wrist. With a nice watch, your husband who is also a new dad will have help getting everywhere on time, even with the new baby making things a little more challenging.

Other Great Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband


Original Leather Dress Belt and Tie for Birthday Gift
Husband’s Birthday Gift after Marriage/Wedding

A quality leather belt is sure to be a birthday gift your husband/spouse will love and use often. On the birthday of your lovely husband, gift him something that is very simple and thoughtful. There are thousands of choices, there includes a very simple useful belt that your husband will find it useful in his everyday life. This might be a small or simple gift but you will be very surprised how many various stylish options you can find in the local market of choice near you. You shall find belts of various materials like leather and many more. There are various trending styles and fashions that you might want your husband to try.

He will no longer fight with his loose pants when you will gift him a good designed belt which your husband can wear on his daily activities. The belt is something that contribute to our everyday life, it helps us a lot in fashion, but also it is very important because it helps in tying our cloth to look more nice and good fashion and style together. Your husband will always be able to look super fashionable and also put together when you will give him a stylish belt.

Explore the options with various colors like black, red, brown and many more, Pick the color that your husband shall love very much as you already know his best color. He will get excited and will be very much surprised. Have a great time!


Favourite Meal for Birthday Gift
Husband’s Birthday Gift after Marriage/Wedding

This is very simple but yet a very romantic gift that every husband will mostly love to receive from his wife. Join to eat the meal together and after eaten play a sexy game or watch a romantic movie prior to having an amazing intimate night.

Prepare his favorite dishes and give him a nice feast at home. Seeing him enjoying the dishes which are prepared with all care and love would be the best gift for his birthday. Surprise your husband with your special Favorite dishes and make him smile for his life, weather you give a small gift or big it is going to be very much valued in your husband’s heart.

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Beer and Whiskey for Birthday Gift
Husband’s Birthday Gift after Marriage/Wedding

Your hubby will love a cool beer gift for his birthday and anniversary, drinks which always enables him magnify his joy and his happiness.

If your husband also loves tasting new kinds of alcohol such as, whiskey, rum, wine, etc, then you have the chance to get him a good brand of whiskey on his birthday. Avoid this idea if your husband is an alcoholic because you do not want to encourage his bad alcoholic habits. But if your husband has good interest in tasting new whiskeys, definitely buy him something of his favorite brand or if you want, then buy him something that he has never tasted before and that you think that he might like it as well.


Husband’s Birthday Gift after Marriage/Wedding

On the special occasion of your husband’s birthday, gift him something that will keep him stylish. So, on his birthday, you can also gift him a pair of very nice shades. All you have to do is go to the local market in your neighborhood and then look around for what you want. You shall find plenty of options in a variety of colors. And, you will definitely be surprised at how many varieties you shall find in so many styles and qualities. You do not have to budget so big for his gift.

And again, it is important that you shall buy these things that are trending at the moment. Shades are very nice fashion item but it is also useful because your man can use it on everyday can also suit your husband in many type of clothing that he likes. Go on and get him some good shade to make your husband look very stylish in his fashion to keeps him up with the current fashion trends. Make it look like a very birthday gift, then you can tag it with a very thoughtful birthday message which will touch your husband’s heart. Have a great time everyone. They won’t want to leave the house without these shielding their eyes


Electronics for Birthday Gift
Husband’s Birthday Gift after Marriage/Wedding

Most Men always goes craze for electronic goods. Ipod, Mobile phones, Tablets, PCs are good birthday gift’s ideas for husband after marriage and wedding. Some latest models have come out in the market on each mentioned item above. You should Know your husband’s requirement and buy accordingly. You may be surprised as electronic gift will attract your husband. There are many places to buy cheap electronics for birthday gifts

If your husband cell phone is old for quite a long time, it is your chance and a perfect time to gift your man with a nice cell phone this birthday. We can find lots and lots of branded hand phones at minimum prices to the most expensive ones. So, you can browse the market within the budget you have and of course, be enthusiastic and get ready to explore. You will be able to choose several of options with different styles on the internet as well. It will be easier to browse and compare the compare the prices when you surf your options online on the internet.

Choose a good cell phone that will satisfy your husband needs, maybe a cell phone that has a good memory storage and also the camera quality, including the speed of the phone processor, and mostly the color of the phone must be of his favorite. you can make your man to try something new please try new color. Life is all about exploring new technologies that are available in the market. it is on your hand to make your husband a lot happier mostly on his birthday with this marvelous birthday gift.

9. SUIT 

Suits for Birthday Gift
Husband’s Birthday Gift after Marriage/Wedding

You can find a perfect suit for your husband but you need to know his size, choose good color to match his shoes, make him look just the way you want him to be, he will love it. get him something excited for his little surprise this year. Gift him a set of the suit and also a good pair of pants. This kind of gift is very wonderful because he can generally wear it even when he goes to the office or going out somewhere on meetings or occasion. Pick the one with his favorite color and it is definitely advisable to choose a suit that matches your husband’s personality.

Make him know various colors every day of his life with your new choices, and also, you can pick out the kind of fashion you wish to gift your husband on his birthday. You will find more variety and lots of styles to gift him, fashions and of course various colors of different types of suits. So, on his birthday this year, make your husband feel very much special by gifting him a formal wear of suit.


Laptop for Birthday Gift
Husband’s Birthday after Marriage/Wedding

If your husband is looking for a new technology around the month of his birthday, then you must buy a new laptop. Getting a good laptop that will be able to help him in his work and also his daily activities, newer technologies are very much essential to our lives and gifting your husband a new laptop will bring out sweet smiles on his face and make him so much happy in his heart.


Taking your husband out is the best birthday gift idea. To his surprise he will be so much excited and happy to enjoy the outing from all his daily routine works. He’ll love having a good time together with you. You can also present him a small gift as a remembrance on the outing day, buying him a nice jean and tee or formal wears for his office work would be a great idea too. He’ll treasure the little gift you will present to him during the family outing

Benefits of Giving your Husband Birthday Gifts

Your husband is very important man in your life.

The right gift can show him how much you really care about him. He’ll care for you as the wife the more

It’s better to give him a surprise gift then expected gift. When expecting things, it become your duty to fulfill it.

A surprise gift will make him to respect you, love you more and care for you.

He will also develop the mindset of getting a good bigger gift for you as well.

There are so many gifts to give your husband but it’s highly advised to give physical gifts which you will also see him use. I hope this will help you to get your man so close to you the more.


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