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Requirement for successful online business in Nigeria

Most online businesses are not usually 100% successful because of too much competition and inadequate funds to support the business. However, most online business collapses as a result of inadequate knowledge of basic materials and requirements for running it.  Knowledge is crucial. Some of the online business owners who jumped into the online business without the knowledge of basic online business tools ended up being frustrated at the peak of competition. You may need a lot but the key materials are what I will like to show you here. These materials are what you need for setting up your online business and the tools need for boosting you online business presence. The extent your online business is determines how successful you will be.

Here are your online business success tools;

  1. Technical  know-how

Having a good knowledge of computer, internet and how to develop a functional website or blog and as well as how to the maintain website is a plus for running successful online business. If you are novices, you will find it hard to make it online. You may tell me that you can hire someone to help you. Yes, I agree but for how long. It is better for you for training, attain seminar to equip yourself technical before venturing into online business. Forget about old folktale on that you don’t need to know how to develop website or blog for you to succeed online. I don’t accommodate such excuse, it is better I tell you the truth on time.

One good thing here is that our subsidiary group, Imma tech e-commerce consulting group of company offers training and consultation on matters relating to online businesses. You can check out some of these “online businesses training package, pick any of the packages. If you think you’re making money online then “show me your website and I will tell you how much can make in a day”. Relax; it is just my usual analogue.

  1. 2.       Credit-card

Yes! You need to have one. Online business is international. I believe you know how difficult it is to receive payment or money sent to you from outside the country. Credit card is the solution to all sale payment and product purchase payment. Virtually, all business transaction made online can done with credit card. With your credit card, you purchase a reliable domain name and pay for webhosting from good and trusted webhosting company. If you don’t have a credit card you will restricted to your local webhosting company who may not be reliable. Credit card offers you a high level of freedom and it is very easy these days to have one in Nigeria. The usual saying that there is no authentic credit card provider in Nigeria is no longer true. Credit card is obtainable in Nigeria. A good and reliable credit card provider in Nigeria is the Access bank Nigeria plc. If you want to know how to acquire access bank credit card now, read this; “how to get authentic credit card from access bank Nigeria”, the detail step and requirement for securing the credit card are there.

  1. 3.       Personal domain and website

You need to have a personal domain name as well as a well design website, if you want to be seen as a professional in this business. One good thing about this is that websites and domain name are easy to acquire these days but the only thing that matter is the provider. There are a lot of company out that claim to provide domain name and webhosting. Many of those companies have their server downtime more than their uptime. We have some good rated webhosting companies like the HostGator, Godaddy, Bluehost etc. Having a good domain name hosted in a reliable webhosting provider can help in putting your online business at the forefront. A good domain name brands your online business. These days you cannot talk about search marketing without talking branding.

WARNING:  Don’t start your online business with free webhosting site like blogger, wordpress, gnb etc. It is not ideal and professional and moreover, you webpage can be deleted without your notice.

  1. 4.      


Do you know the valuable tool for successful online business? Content! The quality of your website content matters so much. This is the area where most people get it all wrong. If you are running an offline shop, will you stock the shop with low quality or substandard products and expect people to buy them. Never! In an online business, your website or blog is your shop, the goods or products are your content, and they must be attractive to visitors if not they will be no net sale. You can sell real products; I mean physical products such as laptops, books, wears, cars etc. You can also sale digital product such downloadable mp4, mp3, video, music etc. You need to have a good shipping company or be affiliated to one that will help you in shipping products purchased by your customers.

  1. 5.      

    Online business campaign

You can create a website with rich quality content yet nobody sees it. Look! For you to succeed in your online business, you have to find a way to let people see your good content, and one major way of doing this is by running an online business campaign. It involves advertisement, Google adwords and social campaign. If your online business involves sales of physical product, never underestimate the value of advertisement and social networking campaign because you can always sell if your online business is well known to the general public. This is part of what is called internet marking. There are many platform for running adwords, advertisement and social networking campaign. Running an online business campaign will help to put your online business to forefront of your potential customers. You can know more about online business campaign by reading this; “how to run successful online business campaign in Nigeria”.

  1. 6.      

    Search engine optimization skill (SEO)

SEO is another type of internet marketing. It involves adopting all the best practices and strategies that will help your website rank high in search engine result page (SERPs). It include: designing a search engine friendly website, posting rich quality content in your website, updating your site frequently, using appropriate targeted keywords or keyphrase for website content, developing a brand name for website through trust etc.

Now, you can see why I initially said that you need to be technically or partially technical oriented. I don’t think you can afford to hire someone to be doing all these for you considering the amount you will be spending for this.

7. Capital

Yes! You need it. This article will not be complete if I fail to mention this. You need money especially at the beginning. Later on, the site can take care of itself and you too.



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