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7 Biggest Mistakes Bloggers Make

Do you know the biggest mistake most bloggers make? Do you want to know the biggest mistake you can make as a blogger?

Here are the 7 biggest mistakes most bloggers make and I won’t want you to make the same mistake as a blog.

Biggest Mistakes Bloggers Make

1. Not updating your blog
Most bloggers set up a new blog and is excited about it. For the first few days, maybe even for few weeks you see them publish new post and then as the weeks goes further, the number of post starts to diminish until the blog is hardly updated at all. Nothing kills a blog faster than lack of updates. If you are going to blog then you must be ready to update your blog. Pick posting frequency and stick to it. Once you don’t update your blog, the blog will be dead.

2. Rushing post
I am quite sure all blogger have all been guilty of this mistake. If you have not made this very mistake-I know I have. You just hear of a new release technology or story and you want to be the first to get it out ASAP but in your rush to publish the post, you publish the article without being proofread. What a bad write-up! Take your time to double check the article or post to make sure it’s free of error. If you spot an error after the post, correct it immediately less you forget.

3. Not being personal
People read your blog to get your opinion and your point of view. Why not give it to them. Can you for once sound differently?

4. Not visiting other blogs
One of the best ways to get your blog noticed is by saying hello to other blogs in your niche. The easiest way to do this is to comment on their blog. I always check the comment on my blog and in most cases I visit the commentator’s site. I have come across many great blogs in this way. Others ways of reaching out to others blogs in your niche includes linking to them, sending trackbacks and via email.

5. Being copycat or content scrapper
Originality is what makes blogging interesting and fun. You will hear Google speak of originality of content. What makes your blog stand out from the millions of the blogs out there is simply your blog uniqueness. I am certain sure not to be the first blog to write about the biggest mistake most bloggers make. So, what makes my blog stand out among others? Some bloggers are copycat. Instead of writing and publishing their own article, they copy and paste other people content. Originality is needed in the world of blogging. Those bloggers who indulge in coping and pasting of content usually don’t stand the test of time. You are unique, so your blog should be unique.

6. Not joining or hanging out on social media
As a blogger you need to be update with current issues in locality and in world at large. Outside reading newspapers, listening to radio and watching Television; joining social media like twitter, facebook or hanging out on Google Plus can provide you with current trends or happenings.

7. Not Reading Naijaonlinebiz dot com or Nigeria iBusiness Guide
I think everyone here have to agree that this is the biggest mistake most bloggers make. Lol!

If you must build a successful and profitable blog; you have to strive to avoid these mistakes

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