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50 Successful Small Businesses in Nigeria with less capital startup

These Businesses in Nigeria you can  start with small capital, we’ve grouped them (businesses) sector by sector for easy assessment and comprehension. Most successful businesses in Nigeria with low capital

Nigeria is filled with vast lucrative business opportunities anyone can tap into. As one of the most populous countries in Africa, Nigeria has market for businesses. Businesses that do well in Nigeria are those that can solve the basic problem of the people. The instability in the economy of Nigeria has created a need for every person to set up a business, no matter how small. Relying on the government to provide job employment, food and security can only make life miserable in this present time.

Ideas are what most business-oriented individuals need to start up a business. And here on, we know how to provide business ideas in excess. So, if you looking for successful small business ideas in Nigeria you can start with little capital, we’ve provided that enough on this page to help you make money in Nigeria. You don’t need a huge capital before you can start a business.

Ask any multinational company or big corporation how they began. You’ll discover that they all started from little to nothing. Becoming successful in any small business in Nigeria is a difficult task. It requires serious dedication, strong financial backup, hard work, the right mindset and taking the right steps. Some of these right steps to take to begin a profitable small business in Nigeria is what I have earlier discussed.

Visit people who are in the same business niche as you. Share ideas with them so that you get updated on the current trend in that particular line of business. These are secrets to successful small business.

Let’s explore the Business in Nigeria you can to start with small capital …………

50 Successful Small Business in Nigeria with little capital

Here are the most Successful Small Businesses in Nigeria with little or no money startup:


Agricultural businesses are the most successful small business ideas in Nigeria with low capital. Most of the major inputs are space (land), water and the viable breeds (crops and animals). You can start these businesses as a sole-proprietor and then grown to Limited Liability Company.

Here are lists of small lucrative Agricultural Businesses;

  1. Poultry farming business

Poultry farming is a typical successful business you can start with low capital. You can start poultry business as a home-based business or from the comfort of your backyard. Poultry farming thrives so well in places like Jos, Ibadan, Enugu, Makurdi where climatic conditions are favourable.

The capital input may vary depending on your start-up level. But with a capital of fifty thousand naira to two hundred thousand naira (N50, 000N200,000), you can comfortably rear 50 birds from 2 weeks chicks to market size.

Nigeria poultry industry has the second-largest chicken population in Africa after South Africa.  There is a large market for poultry products in Nigeria. You can sell in the market, to hotels, Restaurants, Confectioneries, and many more.

You can start poultry business on a low scale with few boilers and then successfully grow it to big poultry industry. The industry will include hatchery of poultry eggs, rearing of layers, production of poultry feeds and many more.

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  1. Fish farming Business (catfish and Tilapia Rearing)

Fish farming business is another successful business in Nigeria you can start from your backyard. The business flourishes well in cities like Port Harcourt, Calabar, Kano, Lokoja, Ibadan, Akure and Enugu Nigeria. With a capital of one hundred thousand naira to five hundred thousand naira (N100,000 – N500,000), you can comfortably rear 50 – 100 fingerlings to market size.

There is a huge market for fish and fish products in Nigeria. There is no doubt if you’ll make it in fish farming once you have passion for the business.

You can start fishery business on a low scale and then grow the business to large fishing industry. The industry will include the production of fish feeds, brooding of fingerlings and sales of fish. On a low scale, you can start with an underground tank instead of constructing a fish pond.

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  1. Snail Rearing Business

Heliciculture (aka Snail farming) is raising snails for food as well as for pharmaceutical use. You can start this business from your backyard. Snail farming business is a secret millionaire business. Business is fast selling in big cities. You can make a lot of money selling snail meat in cities like Abuja, Lagos, Onitsha, and so on.

Snail farming is of one those businesses that you can start with no capital especially if you living in a rural area. If you in a rural area you can easily gather the wild type of snails from composites and bushes to rear. However, if you are living in a town or urban area, you can purchase high breed snails from market to rear.

Snail industry is one of those Agricultural sectors that has not been exploited fully in Nigeria. Snail rearing business is still been done in its primitive or conservative form.

  1. Pig farming Business 

Pig farming is the raising and breeding of domestic pigs for consumption. Pig farming business is a lucrative business with low capital startup. With one or two female pigs of about forty thousand naira (N40,000) each, you can start piggery business.

One good thing about Piggery business is that it has a good profit margin. One pig can give birth to about 8 – 12 piglets in a single delivery which can be raised and sold at market price of forty thousand naira. If 10 piglets survive, you will be making like four hundred thousand naira (N400,000). This makes piggery business profitable.

A lot of SMEs in Nigeria are into piggery business because of its profitability. Banks can comfortably offer you loan if you are into pig farming business. You can start a pig farming on low scale with one or two female pigs and the grow your piggery farm to big piggery industry in Nigeria

  1. Vegetable farming 

Vegetable farming is one of the profitable low capital businesses. The business is more profitable during the dry season than rainy seasons in Nigeria. You can start vegetable farming from your backyard once; you have enough garden land and sources of water for irrigation.

If you have enough land and source of water for irrigation, five to ten thousand naira (N5000 – N10000) will be enough to start a commercial vegetable farming business.

Viable seeds, insecticides and fertile soil are what you need to succeed in vegetable farming. The appropriate time to make money from vegetable farming is the dry season.

You can start a vegetable farming on low scale from the comfort your backyard and then grow it to commercially mechanized vegetable farm.

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  1. Garden Egg farming 

Garden Egg farming business is fast selling in the north and many other parts of Nigeria. There are different varieties of garden egg, you can go into its farming. Garden Egg thrives very well in the Middle belt and Northern Nigeria. So, if you are living in place like Jos, Makurdi, Kogi and many other places.

The capital input is low once you have a garden or land for cultivation of the garden eggs. Just like vegetable farming; viable seed, insecticides and fertile soil are important things needed to succeed.

You can start Garden farming on low scale and then grow it to large commercial garden farm. see the

  1. Rice farming Business

One of the commonest foods we eat is Rice. With the ban on rice importation in Nigeria, rice farming is now one of the top growing business ideas. Nigeria has a large market for rice. It is a rural and suburban business. Though, the business is a bit capital intensive but it is lucrative. A bushel of rice can weigh as little as 40 pounds which about seven thousand five hundred naira (N7500).

The most land used for rice farming are swamps and there are such lands in Ebonyi state, Abia state, some part of Anambra State, Benue state, part of Niger state and many others. You can start rice farming and then grow to a rice milling industry. Rice milling industry in Nigeria has grown in recent times with a ban on importation of foreign rice.

  1. Cassava processing Business 

Cassava processing business is a rural and suburban business. Cassava product like garri is fast-selling in Nigeria. This is because garri is major food eaten by Nigerians. Cassava processing industry is a large industry especially when mechanize. Starting a mechanize cassava processing industry is capital intensive. It is best to start cassava processing business in low scale with a semi-manual cassava processing machine.

There is market for cassava processed products in Nigeria. Starch, alcohol, feed and many more are fast selling products of cassava. You can go into the production of any of these cassava products.

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  1. Dog Rearing and Breeding Business

Dog rearing is the raising of dogs as a pet, security as well as for food. It is a business you can start in Nigeria with little capital. With as little as fifteen thousand naira to forty thousand naira you can buy an English dog like police dog, bulldog and many more. However, you need to have enough money for feeding the dog.

Dogs eat a lot and must be well feed to avoid biting people. Again, dogs need proper handling and vaccination. This is because they can easily misbehave.

People living in Calabar, Cross River State, Jos, some part of southeast and south-south of Nigeria are known for eating dog. So, there is market for dogs on those areas. Dog breeding thrives well in Jos. You can start dog breeding business on low scale and then grow to commercial dog breeding industry.

  1. Livestock feed production

Livestock feed production industry thrives well in Nigeria. There are many of them in Ibadan, Jos, Lagos and some other part of Nigeria. Common livestock feeds are chicken feeds, guinea pig feeds, pigs’ feeds, and so on. Starting a livestock feed production industry is capital intensive.

However, you can start on low scale by going into local livestock feed production and then grow commercial livestock feed production industry.

  1. Maize processing Business

The maize can be processed to starch, flour, cornflakes, feeds and many more. The industrial starch of maize is convertible to many products. Maize processing business is capital intensive, maybe that is why there are few maize processing industries in Nigeria. Meanwhile, this business may not be suitable for many people. However, if you have the capital and you think you have what it takes to do well you can start this business.

  1. Palm oil Processing Business

Nigeria is one of the highest exporters of palm oil in Africa. However, most of the products of Palm oil are being imported from other countries. The industry is relatively low in number compare to the usage of palm oil processed products in Nigeria.

Palm oil processing business is lucrative though capital intensive. However, you can start on a low scale by processing palm oil fruits and then grow to a big palm oil processing industry.

  1. Carrot farming

Carrot farming is among the crops cultivated in the Northern part of Nigeria and sold in different parts of Nigeria. Carrot’s health benefits are numerous and it is largely consume in Nigeria. Just like other crop farming, you need fertile soil and viable seeds or root tuber to succeed. Carrot can be cultivated in Nigeria throughout the year. But, the best time is between October-May every year before the heavy raining season.

Carrot farming business thrives well in Nigeria. You can start a carrot farming business from your backyard on low scale with little capital and then grow it to large commercial carrot farm.

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Sales and distribution business rank high as one successful business industry in Nigeria. Sales and Distribution business is more like buying and selling of goods and service. However, the difference between ordinary buying and selling and distribution is in quantity you are buying and quantity you are selling to people.

The business is usually capital intensive. If you don’t have enough capital to become a distributor; negotiate with manufacturers. And start marketing their products. From there, you find your way to become a distributor of their product.

Here are sales and distribution business ideas in Nigeria:

  1. Sachets Water Packaging and Distribution

Sachet water packaging and distribution business are profitable and one of the successful businesses in Nigeria. To start this business, you need sterilizing and packaging machines, tanks for storing water, distributing bus or truck and many more. So, this business requires huge capital.

If you have little capital and you’re passionate about this business, you can form a partnership. Partner with people who have the same interest as you. Those who have a passion for Sackets water packaging and distribution business.

Meanwhile, you can start sachet packaging and distribution business on low scale and then grow it to a big Sachet and bottle water packing and distribution industry.

  1. Importation business 

Importation business involves buying goods from other country and selling in Nigeria at a profit. Exchange rate affects importation business. Electronics are used heavily in Nigeria. You can look for where to buy Electronics in China and get started.

You can start importation business on a low scale (mini-importation) and then grow to become a large importer of different products. You can start with the importation of a few gadgets and electronics.

  1. Cosmetics business

Cosmetic business is fast selling because every woman and young lady wants to look good. It is a business you can consider starting if you have the capital. The capital startup may vary depending on your entry point into the business. But with N400,000 – N1000,000; you can start a medium scale cosmetics business.

You can start a low scale and then grow to large cosmetic industry. Cosmetic industries produce and distribute cosmetics

  1. Okrika bale business

Okrika bale business thrives very well in Nigeria as a result of poor economy. An average income earner in Nigeria hardly enters the boutique in the name to buy first-grade clothing. So, Okrika bale business is a good business to start anywhere in Nigeria but most especially in sub-urban and rural localities. Lagos, Aba, Kano, and Onitsha have a good market to buy bales of clothes for sale.

Startup capital for this business may vary. It depends on you but you can start with a small capital of one hundred thousand naira (N100,000) to two hundred thousand naira (N200,000). You can start Okrika bale business and then grow to become a top-selling bouquet company in Nigeria.


 Transport business is one of the top successful business sectors in Nigeria. Here are transportation business ideas in Nigeria.

  1. Taxi cap transport business 

Taxi transport business is a fast-moving business in Nigeria. The high population of Nigeria has made it so. You can make up to N20,000 daily as an intra-city taxi transport owner if you’re in big cities like Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Kano, Abuja and many other cities.

It is not a must that you own a taxi cab; you can go in for a hire-purchase when you have little capital. You can sign an agreement or drive for someone pending when you will buy your own taxi. You can start taxi transportation in low scale (1 or 2 taxi caps) and then grow the business to big transportation company later.

  1. Tricycle or Keke Napep business

There is a sudden spring up of Keke Napep, the tricycle business in Nigeria after the ban on the use of motorcycle in cities in Nigeria. People who make money on tricycle business are those who give out tricycle on hire-purchase. You can go in for hire-purchase when you don’t have money to buy your tricycle. Just like taxi transportation, you can start tricycle business in low scale and grow it to a big transportation company latter.


The major inputs or materials for this type of business include canopies, chairs, tables, stools, table dress cloth, big cooking utensils, and ribbons for hiring and manpower. These types of businesses are not difficult to start. It will best suit women than men but anybody can start the business.

Here are successful special service business ideas in Nigeria:

  1. Fast food Joints & Eateries

Fast food joints and Eateries are one of the fastest incomes yielding business in Nigeria. Fast food Joint and eateries business is like Restaurant business. The business is a ‘quick to start’ type of business and also a fast-moving business in Nigeria.

The startup capital varies. It depends on the categories of your customers you wish to cater to. If you wish to serve High-class customers then you need a huge capital to start up such eateries. But if your target customers are low-income salary earners then you need little capital star-up.

Eateries business is rampant in places like Abuja – Area I and Garki, Lagos Ikeja and Ikoyi, Kaduna, Ibadan, Kano, Enugu, Aba, etc. These are big cities in Nigeria and the business is well patronized there.

You can start up fast food joint in a low scale and then later grow the business to big restaurant.

  1. Rental Service Business

Rental service business involves an agreement where a certain amount of money is paid for the temporary use of a good, service or property owned by another. This type of business is lucrative and can be set up in any locality. The business can make six figures for you within a space of time.

Equipment and material to start its renting include hall, cars for wedding and special occasions, chairs, tables, canopies, cooking utensils and many more. Car renting services, for example is booming in Lagos, Abuja and many other big cities in Nigeria where there are lot of clients.

You can start a rental business on a low scale (with few renting materials or equipment) and grow to become a top renting company in Nigeria.

  1. Event Management business

Event managers ensure events like wedding, festivals, and other occasions are well taken care of. The activities of event manager are necessary for every occasion. Individual who has ability to plan and organize events can startup event management business. Event managers are good event planners.

To start the business, you need to register your event management company. Most clients will rather prefer to deal with you as a company rather than as individual. In event management business is lucrative in big cities like Abuja and Lagos.

You can start on low with few workers and grow the business to top event management company in Nigeria.

  1. Real Estate business

Real Estate Business is a profession of buying, renting out or selling of properties such as land, homes, buildings and apartments for commercial use.

When you talk about successfully and profitable businesses in Nigeria, Real Estate business will rank among the top 10. The sales of landed properties have been on since decades and real estate agents are capitalizing it.

From starting a real estate business to owing an estate and landed properties, this is how to grow successfully in this line of business.

  1. Bakery confectioneries

Bakers’ confectionery, also called flour confections involves principally making of sweet pastries, cakes, and similar baked goods. Bakery confectioneries are one of the low capital businesses young ladies and housewives who train in bakery can start.

Bakery confectioneries can be started on a low scale and grow to big bakery industry and then Catering schools.

  1. Tailoring 

Tailoring involves designing, cutting, fitting, and finishing clothes.  Tailoring requires skills. So, the first step to your success is to acquire skills. Go for both English and traditional wear tailoring, fashion, and design training. Once done, boom! You’re made.

Cloth designing and tailoring is often a neglected business idea. It pays and the good thing about tailoring business is that you can start on a small scale and then grow into a large fashion and designing industry

  1. Beauty salon

A beauty salon or beauty parlour is an establishment dealing with cosmetic treatments for men and women.  Beauty salon is a lucrative business idea in Nigeria.

You can start on a low scale with two hundred thousand naira to five hundred thousand naira and grow the business to a large beauty and fashion industry. This is how to grow in this line of business.


The major inputs in these businesses are computer, manpower, and space.

  1. Home tutoring

From Home tutoring (zero kobo beginning) to a private tutorial centre, and then to owing a School, this is how to grow in this line of business. The home tutoring can be started as a one man business from the comfort of home and grow to Limited Liability Company.

  1. Tutorial Business

Tutorial business is a fast-growing business idea in Nigeria. A lot of people are already into tutorial business in Nigeria. You can get tutorial centres in every look and cranny of states in Nigeria.

It easy to start and may need little capital start-up. You can make huge money from this business if you’re in a good location. From private tutoring with little capital start-up to owing a primary and secondary school and then to building university this is how to grow successfully in this line of business.

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  1. Catering centre

From starting a catering centre with little capital to building a hotel or big restaurant, you can also grow to a catering school with outdoor catering services.

  1. Nanny Service centre

You can start a Nanny Service centre with little or no money and then grow the business to Daycare business and from daycare to owing primary and secondary school. You can end up by building topmost private university in Nigeria. This is how to be successful in this line of business.

  1. Self-empowerment centre

From starting self-empowerment centre to owning a multi-factory company in Nigeria where different homemade products will be produced. While empowering young graduates, you are at the same time establishing them.

  1. Computer Training school

From starting a computer training school on a low scale to establishing a big ICT firm. High institution can also be incorporated into a large ICT firm. This is how to grow in this line of business.


The major materials needed are computers or laptops, sets of screwdrivers, testers, printing machines, phones. Mobile phones, internet connection and manpower are inclusive.

  1. Computer repair and services Business

From starting computer repair and services in low scale to sale of computer accessories and spare parts, this is how to grow the business. From sales of computer accessories and spare parts, you can become a big importer of computer and computer accessories. This is how to grow and diversify in this business line.

  1. Mobile phone repairs Business

Mobile phone repairs involve fixing faulty mobile phones of people. You need to be training before starting mobile phone repair. You can start a mobile phone repairs business in low scale and then grow to new mobile phone Production Company.

  1. Mobile Phone Accessories Business

Mobile phone accessories business involves the sale of cellular and mobile phone accessories such as batteries, battery chargers, mobile phone repair parts, phone jackets and cover, memory card, USB cable, modem, earpiece and many more.

Mobile phone accessory business is a lucrative business though no longer as lucrative as in the years back. If you intend to start a mobile phone accessories business, you can start on low scale and then grow it to an importer of mobile phone accessories

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  1. Printing business

Printing business is one of the profitable businesses you can start in Nigeria. Though it can be capital intensive you can start on a low scale and then grow to a large printing firm. Digital printing is the current trending printing business in Nigeria, we’ve  10 Advantages of Digital Printing, check it out and see if printing business is for you.

  1. Mobile apps development

From mobile apps development to large software Development Company, this is how to grow in this line of business. Other related businesses like the web development, programming, graphic designing can be add as you diversify.

  1. Computer business centre

Computer business centre offers photocopying, printing typing and setting, laminating, scanning and many more. The business is profitable especially when you offer internet services alongside with it. Read more on A Full detailed Cost for Starting a Computer Business Centre

You can start a computer business centre on a low scale (mini-computer business centre) and then grow to ICT centre and a printing press.

  1. Games development 

Many tech and programmers earn their living developing games. You can start from Game development to building a professional website and then a software development industry.

  1. Graphic Designing

Designing graphics is lucrative business in this digital era. Many companies are seeking for professional graphic designers. You can tap into opportunity if you have a good graphic designing skill.

You can start graphic designing with no capital once you have the skill. From graphic designing to graphic designing and printing industry.

  1. Directory Publisher 

From being a Directory publisher to owing a large online directory and private library, this is how to grow in this line of business.

  1. Mobile money agent

From being a mobile money agent to owning and operating a financial payment system in Nigeria, this is how to grow in this business line.


Production business will requirement machines for the production however, it depends on the type of production.

  1. Liquid soap production business

Liquid soap production business requires in mixing chemicals. And there are so many entrepreneurial training centres you can register with to get the skills.

A Typical example is Basic Empowerment Centre (BEC), Enugu. With a capital of twenty thousand naira (N20,000), you can start liquid soap production. Begin from there and grow the business to a large cosmetic industry producing detergent, bar soap, toilet soaps and perfumes.

  1. Fruit Juice production

Fruit juice business is among the emerging business ideas. The business is most popular in cities like Lagos, FCT, Kano, Enugu, Aba, Onitsha, etc. The fruit juice serves as fresh fruit juice or Package. You can start this business on a low scale producing 2 or 3 types of fruit juice. And then grow from there.

  1. Perfume and body ornamental production

Perfume and body ornament production is a profitable business you can start with little capital. This business is thriving well in cities like Lagos, Abuja and Onitsha where there are large population young ladies and housewives.

You can start this business if you have the knowledge of mixing chemicals. From the production of perfumes and body ornaments to owning a cosmetics industry.


Online business ideas are businesses you can start online. There are many online business ideas you can start and they include;

  1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the top profitable online business ideas to start with low or zero capital. The blogging takes centre stage in internet marketing.

With your laptop and internet connection, you’re good to go. People like Linda Ikeji; Neil Patel, the English Entrepreneur and a host of others are big-time successful bloggers.

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  1. Social Media marketer 

One thing is to produce a product; another is for your product to reach your target customers. Most entrepreneurs are faced with the challenge of marketing their products. This is where Social media marketers come in.

Social media marketing has made buying and selling so easy. With the fast growth of social media, a good opportunity for marketing every product is assured. Social media provide a large market for selling every quality product. With social media marketing, you can reach a wider population of people who are real buyers of your products. You can take advantage of social media to sell any product and create a stream of income.

You can start social media marketing with little or money and grow to own a social media platform with a large audience base.

  1. Ecommerce business

Ecommerce is one of the successful online businesses in Nigeria. The Ecommerce business has made buying and selling easy. But starting an eCommerce business is hard work and demands decisions that need to come together at the appropriate time. Read more on How to Start Ecommerce Business in Nigeria (7 Steps)

  1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the online business ideas that can make you a millionaire. But it’s not easy to make money online through affiliate marketing. To be successful in affiliate marketing, you need to know the rudiments of affiliate marketing.

One good thing about affiliate marketing is that you can start affiliating with zero kobo. You can grow the business to become a big digital marketing firm. Read more on 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Program for Nigerians

  1. Web designing and development

Web designing and development is meant those who have coding ability.  There are vast opportunities for coders especially now that every business is trying to establish their web presence.

I have written a post on 20 Ways of Making Cash Online in Nigeria. These are all internet-based Businesses and they are specific means of making money online in Nigeria. We have other 30 Online Money Making Business Opportunities; you can consider starting today. Some of these internet-based businesses require little or no capital to start them up.

But, if you think that capital will serve as a hindrance in starting of any of these business ideas, I will advise you read up  Ways to Raise capital to Start Business in Nigeria to help you get started.

If your interest is to start an online, read more on how to start an online business in Nigeria. You can make money online in those ways if you’re dedicated and hardworking. There is no hard and fast rule about making money online.


Provision store

Provision store is a successful as well as a lucrative business in Nigeria.  And it is one of the fastest businesses you can start and make money without much hassle. As a Provision store trader, you can buy in wholesale from trusted suppliers and sell in retail to retailers and end users.

The capital required to start a provision store business in Nigeria will depend on the size of your store and volume or number of products that you want to stock your shop with.


I know that what you have read above will be resourceful to you. There are some other lucrative and successful small businesses in Nigeria any serious-minded entrepreneur can do. All you need are determination, diligent and hard work.

So, we’ve done our second year of research on successful businesses in Nigeria with less capital. And we’ve added more successful business ideas with low capital in Nigeria. This extra list of businesses in Nigeria with low capital has proven to be profitable. I’ll keep this article on Successful Small Businesses in Nigeria with less capital startup – updated.

I wish you good luck as you set to start up a successful small businesses in Nigeria.

211 thoughts on “50 Successful Small Businesses in Nigeria with less capital startup”

  1. Given that the first 13 are agriculture related; growing of plants and rearing animals, it is safe to say that agriculture is the most lucrative business in Nigeria.
    Problem is, considering agriculture is the number one employer of labour in the country, why then does poverty continues to be prevalent in our nation and especially in rural areas, to think that most folks in the rural areas are into agriculture.

    1. Most folks in the rural area are into Subsistence Agriculture and not commercial Agriculture. That’s the problem!!! Commercial Agriculture requires large capital, most farmers can’t afford such capital.

  2. Hi, I’m Chizoma and I live in Lagos. I was hoping to read about foodstuffs business (foodstuffs, condiments, seasonings and spices). How can I start up this business? How profitable is it? Where can I buy goods in wholesale? Any other advice?

  3. Hi please I have two business in my mind and that is distributing credit cards and also the polythene bag business, so please can you tell me the one that is profitable and the financial requirment.

  4. Good morning. I offer delivery services to and for small businesses in Nigeria. Way billing outside Nigeria too but it is cost effective. Deliveries are made in 48hours and done efficiently.Thanks

  5. Iam a health information professional I want to start business in medical supplies and stationeries please help me with steps to start


      The first step is to MAKE CONTACTS.
      The first thing you have to do before starting this business is to reach out to your potential customers. This is very important as it will give you clue to what medical equipment, machines or chemicals your customers will be needing most.

      The second step – conduct market survey
      This is necessary to help you ascertain your startup capital and likely profit. Again, it will help you write and design your business plan. If you must succeed in this business, you have to conduct market survey or at least make necessary inquires. Ask questions!

      Third step – Register your company or business
      If you’re going to supply anything to any federal government hospitals and medical centres in Nigeria then you must register business with CAC. This is because they are going to treat you as a company when providing a quotation and not as individual. This is why many individual business can’t get contract to supply chemical and equipment to hospital.

      Fourth step – write your business plan or proposal
      This will serve as a blueprint to your business. Again, you will need business plan or proposal for getting loan from banks, investors etc.

      Fifth step – Contact manufacturers
      In this type of business, it is best dealing directly with the manufacturers of the medical products that you want to deal on.

      Sixth step – Get all necessary business permit.

      Start the business
      If all things be equal, you need to start

    1. If you have access to a good supplier or direct manufacturer, then you can start from there and maybe diversify later. Again, be sure you have a good number of computer business within your location. Otherwise, I’ll suggest you don’t start that.

  6. Merry Christmas. I want to go into recharge card printing business or kerosene buying/selling next year. Kindly guide me. I’ll appreciate if you will talk with me on whatsapp..

  7. good day Emma, am Gabriel, i resit in Abuja . pls i have two business in mind to start with 200k 1. printer repair and accessories 2. phones repair and accessories. but i don’t really know the one do am confuse please i need your help. thanks

    1. There are a lot of factors to consider before starting any business, where these are not factored into your business plan; it lead to untimely collapse of your business. These factors include;

      1. location (i.e where you want to site the business)- The printer repair and accessories business should be sited around places where printers, laptops, computers, and accessories are being sold. On the other hand, phones repair and accessories business should be sited around markets, close to other mobile phone repairers, dense residential or populated areas.

      2. Capital – To what extent will two hundred thousand naira (200K) be feasible in starting any of these businesses?
      3. Target market (customer) – The population of people making use of phones are more compare to those making use printer; so I think you will be having more customers on phones repairs and accessories business.

      4. Competitors – To what extend will you compete favourable with those already into the business around your vicinity? So, you have to be good at what you do otherwise you won’t be able to compete favourably. You need to have knowledge of the business you’re going into.

      5. Nearness to market – consider where you will be getting any of those accessories on a cheaper rate.

      I will humbly suggest that you start with phone repair and accessories if you have the skill or knowledge of repairing phones and then be ready to diversify or switch between.
      However, after dissecting the above factors; I believe you will choose the best of the business for yourself.

      We offer the best business plan on mobile phones accessory business

      Wishing all the best as kick off your dream business.

  8. I Love That Recharge Card Suggestion And Am Interested In It, Please Does Anyone Have A Clue On How To Start It.

    1. It is a good one! However, I will suggest you work harder in the business to level of becoming a distributor of cements. This is where the profit is in the business.

      To start a cement retail business with 500k and succeed,

      1. conduct a market feasibility study on cement business in your locality.

      2. build a network of building contractors or engineers who are into building.

      3. ensure you have less competitors in your locality before kicking off.

      4. deal on only popular and fast selling cements in Nigeria.

      5. be ready to shift or diversify in the business.

      I wish you all the best!

  9. Oga Emma please I want to start tailoring material that is foreign local fabric available cash now is 200k, will it be enough and secondly is it advisable to partner with some one at this early stage.
    Thank you.

    1. It is not advisable to partner with someone at the stage of the business because of the problem that may emanate in future. I will suggest you increase your startup capital to at-least 300k.

  10. Hi, I want to start a farming business in Lagos like poultry or farming of crops like maize and so on but for Lagos I dont think farming can work but what about poultry will it bring big profit in Lagos and will the environment be OK for poultry how much will that be and I need advice.

    1. Poultry farming is profitable. However, you can loss in poultry business unimaginably.
      1. Poultry farming requires space
      2. it requires adequate care.
      3. it need you constant presence to monitor the farm.
      4. Lagos weather may slightly be harsh but if all conditions are meet, they will survive.
      Crop Farming will not work in lagos.

  11. New arrivals of okrika second hand clothes , shoes , bags etc get the best quality,direct supply now Best of London/U.K. Grade :A.A.A of any kind children and Adults unisex clothes .Very new and neat available at affordable rate.

  12. Good day,

    Please i need your advise on the type of business to engage with as another source of income that wont affect by work during the week but can be engaged with at weekend.
    I await your good response.

    Best regards

  13. Hi….
    I’m Barry
    I’m a software programmer
    Anyone interested in having a software either for Android phones or computer can reach me

  14. Am so sorry for asking too many questions, it just that i don’t have too much capital to start a big business, and my destination is to start a business that will not tied money down, looking at cosmetic its looks like it going to tied money down, just like this i but product too i can only buy the one i want not another, some product may stay one month or more without selling them out, that means money will b tied down, pls am just confused on the king of business to do, as a single girl pls help out, am really confusing myself i don’t have any business ideas, people are just telling me the one there think is good, pls help.

    1. Which of them do you have passion for. Palm oil is a perishable and seasonal goods. As a young Lady/woman, I will suggest cosmetics unless you have Palm oil supplier.

  15. My name is Queen. Please want to start a Cosmetic business in Lagos Nigeria, i will like to know how much capital do i need for it, and the kind of location to get. And to know if it’s profitable.

      • Starting a Cosmetic Business in Lagos Nigeria

      Cosmetic business is a Profitable business if properly manage. However, for you to be able to make it in this business; you have to be dealing on different varieties of Cosmetics products and that has to be in cartons.

      COST OF STARTING COSMETICS BUSINESS: There are some carton of body cream and lotions that cost up to N8,000, 10,000 N12,000 and more. So, this business may requires huge capital start up. You need to have at least N750,000 and above to be able to start up a medium scale Cosmetics business.

      LOCATION: The business can be located within streets close to other competitors or within Market close to other competitors.

      Problems associated with this business
      1. There are a lot of fake cosmetics product. So, try as much as you can to buy your products from the manufacturers, distributors or sub-distributors.
      2. Don’t sell on credit base.
      3. Don’t buy on credit base.

      Wish all the best!

  16. Sir. Am a student, do ubhave any business idea in mind that I can start with, which will help me with little of school things and also something that won’t really affect my studies. I really need your answer.

  17. please sir can you also help me on how to start a gotv and dstv centres thank you. Please kindly forward the information to my email am patrick obeten

    1. Hello Bello,
      I hope you know that there is difference between purewater business and Sachet water business. I want to be sure of the one you are referring to so that I can give a guideline on how start it.

  18. Hello Emmanuel,Goodmorning,please I have a capital of 400,000 and want to invest it I’m eatery and joint. Business ,I work in a pharmaceutical company as an account officer and as such will not have the opportunity to manage it myself,but I intend to employ workers who will manage it for me and monitor them from time to time.But I also intend to give them a target to remit atlest 5000 to me on a daily basis from the profit they make,is it a good idea and can you give me a good advise on how to go about it.Thank you.

    1. Hello Ijeoma,
      Your Idea is a good one.
      My advice:
      1. Make sure you set up a good management for the business.
      2. You need to make sure you have an idea of the profit they make in day (for at least 3months) before you begin to give them target.

      I’m sorry I responded late. I wish you all the best in your new business Venture.

  19. Great one,I am a student of university of Abuja,Abuja .I have 50k,what did u think I can start with why still in university. Thanks in anticipation.

    1. How to start a Weavon attachment Wholesale business with N200000

      First, you have to understand that starting any business in Nigeria is a difficult task no matter how much you have as your capital . You have to be passionate about the business and also be determine to succeed in spite of all odds.
      If you are convinced that Weavon attachment Wholesale business is the right business for you, then here is steps to take to start off the business.

      1. Go for market survey – Right Information is a key to every successful business. Find out from those who are already into the business around your locality how profitable the business is. This will help you determine whether N200,000 is the right amount to start it. Remember, there are varieties or grades of Weavons. There are weavons of N800, N1000, N2000, N3000, N5000, N10000, N15000, N20000, N30000 etc. Find out the most selling grades of weavons and start dealing on the least cost. How many carton or roll will N200000 buy for you and how much will you sell to make profit? Please, try to do your calculation very well before you begin. However, you should never be discourage with result of your market survey.

      2. Choose the right location/shop – The best location should be where ladies do all kinds of things with weavons- Hair plating, weavon fixing and styling etc.

      3. Sell both foreign and locally made weavon – Variety is the spice of life. Allow your customer make their choice. Do not restrict your business to only one type of weavon. I want to believe you already know where you can buy both foreign and locally made weavon at low cost as a wholesale.

      4. Keep accurate records of your sales each day. To be sure you are maximizing profit and still expanding, you have to be keep accurate records of sale.

      In summary, it necessary you get sufficient information on the prices of weavons from those dealing on weavon business around your vicinity because the price of one carton or roll of weavon may vary from one locality to another. Be determine to succeed and you will definitely succeed.

      Wishing you success as you start your dream business!

  20. Please I’m interested in okrika business. Will 100k be enough to start up d business and to get first grade bail? I live in Akure.

    1. Starting Okrika Business with 100K

      If you intend starting a profitable First grade bail Okrika business; I will suggest you increase your start-up capital to atleast N200000. I believe the money will not be meant for only buying cloths.

    1. 2017 best selling products you can actually apply for their distributorship and sub-distributorship
      Here are best selling products you can actually apply for their distributorship and sub-distributorship;
      1. Sachet and Bottle water – This is one of the most selling product and profit making business in 2017. Starting Sachet and bottle water distribution business is very easy and requires little or no capital. The major thing you need to start sachet and bottle water distribution is space car or truck.
      2. Soft drink and Alcoholic Beverages like beer – This is another top selling product in Nigeria 2017 that you can apply for its distributorship.
      Others include;
      3. Toiletries
      4. Skin care products
      5. Drugs and Pharmaceutical products
      6. Poultry feeds and eggs
      7. Aluminium roofing sheets like ALUMACO

  21. I have N500000 and wanna start a poultry business, I already have a land but I fear because I want to start with 500 layers but after I minus the construction expenses, the money dropped down to about N170000, Please which other business can I embark on.

    1. You can embark on sub-distributorship. There are many distributor and sub-distributorship business you can embark on. However, it depends on your location and the demands of the people there.

  22. Thanks for your help and exposition. I need a small business I can do to support my banking job since I am a contract banker. Please help me with business I can do as a young girl to support my banking job

  23. I am a local miner and seller of gold and diamond in Sierra Leone West Africa. I will like to have a Nigerian business partners for our Gold and diamond.

  24. pls I would like to start a provision business near an academic institution probably in uyo.
    I need advice on capital and location

    1. The location is Ok since you said it near an academic institution. Since, you are just starting, try to sell at cheaper rate compare to other provision business around there to gain customers. In terms of capital; if you have at least N200000, you can start with that and grow from there.

  25. Thanks for the good work u are doing. I am a graduate, from imo state but i base in akwa ibom state. Pls i have been out of work for more than a year nw. Pls wat biz can i do with 500k, though i have worked as a sales rep for guinness and GSK. THANKS.

  26. Hello again, please can one use their car to be part of the Uber system or use their car as an airport taxi, please what does it entail to be part of these systems, are there certain payments to be made or groups to be joined to be part of this transportation systems.

    Thank you

  27. Hello, my location is Nigeria ,please i want to know the cost of starting up the business of frying Ankara, plantain, yam and sweet potato, how lucrative is it and how much capital does it entail and what exactly do think is needed to start up this business plus what do you think can be done to make it stand out among similar businesses.
    Thank you

  28. Hello Sir/ma

    Please can you advise me where to start from if i need to start online recharge card/dstv/gotv reload for people i already have client base but need a platform where i can start the website or something

  29. hi, am tega by name, i am contemplating on going into cement business, hw much capital do u think is minimal and does location really matter very much?

  30. Am a student pls i have upto 80k and am planning to start business but i dnt knw exactly to start with plz help me i need an advice

    1. Hello Mic
      There are a lot of businesses that you can start as student. But in all you have to ensure that it doesn’t coincides with the time of your lecture. The eighty thousand naira is ok. You can choose from this list: Businesses you can start as undergraduate or college student.

      You have to know that business and academy does not easily go together; it requires extra effort. So, to succeed you have to work extra hard but when you do, you will be the most happiest man in the world.

  31. I reside Anambra state, Awka to be precise. I have up-to 700K to start up a business to support my work. I don’t know know the kind of business to venture that will also give time for my work. Please I need your advice!

  32. Good day,pls I want to venture into selling of Nigerian made items such as indomie,detergent soap,laundry soap and biscuits pls any advice on this,note I already have a stand business which is imported goods

    1. Hello adeyemi abisola,
      My only advice is that you should know in a business of selling of such products; that what matters is the turn-over. You may need large capital for better turn over. If the turn-over is small after 5 to 6 months of the business, please diversify the business.

  33. God bless you for a well done job here.
    Please i am interested in piggery. what do I need to start up with. start up capital in place like Ogun or Ekiti state

  34. Good day sir,

    I really find your wall interesting and encouraging. This is what we need in Nigeria.

    Please, can you advise me on any dealers of recharge cards; do they by any means do training and if the business is still profitable?

    Thank you.

    1. Hello Akhetuamen dennis,
      I want to start by appreciating your courage in going into a small scale business.

      No.1 You should know that going into any business is risk venture. So, make up your mind before your venture into the business. It is better to take a calculated risk.

      No.2 Doing Business is all about offering values and solutions to peoples’ problems. I don’t know if you have decided on what small scale business to start. I will suggest, in addition to your decision to look around your vicinity or locality and see the gap you can fill. I mean you should think of what the people around you need most and start from there.

      No.3 Twenty thousand naira ( N20,000 ) is small considering the situation of the country but it can go a long way. It is Not the amount that you start the business that matters but your passion for the business and the zeal to succeed.

      No.4 Be informed. Ask questions! Don’t just jump into any business because you have the urge to start the business. Try to inquire about the success secret of the business you want to start. Every business has a secret. Once, you get it; you can comfortable open door of the business success. Ask those who are already into business. When getting a negative response from them, don’t be discourage; keeping moving forward. Go for market survey and make sure it properly done.

      No.5 Get skill. Make sure you acquire all the necessary training concerning the business otherwise you may not go too far on the business especially for a business that requires skill.

      No.6 Start the business! if your capital is not enough to start that your dream business, I will suggest you hold on, save and time.

      I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST! It can’t exhaust all I have to say here.

  35. Good day sir, i want to invest my 500k. I need your advice on what to invest in. Or better still a business which I can run in Abuja. Thank you

    1. Samuel,

      Very interesting that you want to embark on a business in school just with a thousand naira. Am please to inform you that a sachet water business for a start then kerosene business will be lucrative in school environment. While doing this, ensure you avoid spending from your capital and profit until it grows at least four months and before raining season for sachet water consumption will drop.

      My younger sister was a student in Obafemi Awolowo university some years ago and she made money from Kerosene.

      I wish you all the best as you start small, surely, you will prosper.

  36. Hi, please am thinking of going into hair cream for natural hair and also into liquid soup. Please I need your candid advice on this. How much will it cost me to start up these. Thanks

    1. Hello Chika,
      I want to start by asking if;
      1. you have skills for the production of hair cream for natural hair and liquid soup or do you just want to start sale of these products.
      2. you have passion for production or sale of these products.
      Please, answer the above two questions so that we can proceed..

  37. Hello Emma,

    I like how you’re helping your community with business advice. We are both working on the same topic and might be able to collaborate. Please visit my site and if you like it leave a comment on one of the posts.
    I hope to hear from you soon,

  38. Please sir,I want to start a business on selling baby n adults diapers, different kind of pads,wipers, do I start n how do I gets to the dealers or subdealers for supply.I have a shop already. waiting for your response. thanks.

    1. How to start selling babes’, adults’ diapers, pads of different kinds,wipers etc

      To start selling babes’, adults’ diapers, pads of different kinds,wipers,etc.;
      1. Carry out market survey; it involves an examination of what people want to buy, how to communicate with them through advertising, what competitors are doing, etc.A market survey will shows which of your product are most popular among consumers.
      2. find the best location or shop – (you said you have a shop already, noted). Your shop should be a high traffic area.
      3. Determine how much you will like to start with. Write out list of the product you will first concentrate on, make it as wide as possible as much as your capital can cover.

      4. Getting distributors and sub-distributor of these product (How you buy your products). The best way of locating the manufacturers, distributors and sub-distributors of these products is to find out from those who are already into business that are in your locality or close to your locality. So, ask questions! Never be discourage by some negative/bad response of some businessmen. Products like diapers, different kind of pads, wipers etc, you can get their distributors and sub-distributors in places like Cotonou, Aba, Lagos, kano, etc.
      You should know that the beginning of any business is usually difficult. So don’t be discourage by the low turnover or sales, let your passion for the business keep you moving.

      All the Best! Wishing you success as you begin the business.

  39. Hello, I’m a pharmacist and I’m serving at the moment, I have spare 40,000 naira right now. I know it’s very little money in this economy to start up anything. I just don’t want to squander the money. I’m a busy person too. Most of these investment opportunities require so much time and presence. I can’t seem to find something I can do with my just mobile phone. Any advice? Thanks

  40. Thanks for this article. I am the CEO of Ronola Events. Pls contact me on for your social and corporate event planning. A trial will indeed convince you


  42. this is a wonderful work, well done! interestedly, i love business but the questions i always ask myself are what type of biz, and where do i start the biz, start up capita at small scale level is never my problem. in my area we have availability of crops like; maize, melon (ugosi), ginger, yam, sorghum, few of soybeans, cassava, groundnut and other. some year i do buy , store and later sell when the price shoot up. is this enough? No! how do i stretch further, especially how to add value to this crops, how to maximize the opportunities as regard to this potential crops in my areas. how can i create job opportunities for desire youths around using the available crops mention above? please i need advice, and support from intelligent people like you

    1. Hello Daruwana Idris,
      You have all it takes to start up a business and grow higher. It is all about your mindset. Since in your locality you have all these crops available, you have to think outside the box. Josian Gilbert Holland once said, “there is no royal road to anything. One thing at a time, all things in succession. That which grows fast, withers as rapidly. That which grows slowly, endures”. You have to start somewhere, no matter how little it is. There is no harm in trial. Doing business is a risk-taking venture.

      1. With some of these crops, you can start production business like production of poultry feed, starch production, flour production, G-nut oil etc. This depends on your capital as you have to register for company name, buy machines etc.
      2. You can start exportation business (locally and internationally). They can be converted to semi-finished products and then sale.
      Diversification is the key to a successful business. Start somewhere today and diversify tomorrow.

      I wish you best as you start up this ever-flourishing business.

    1. Hello Opeyemi,
      That’s a good capital to start off a business with. There are many businesses you can start with such capital. Have you consider the ones listed in the article above?
      It all depends on you (your area of interest, skills and location).
      Here are other businesses to consider;
      1. Registering with a company as a distributor or sub-distributor of highly selling products depending on the company.
      2. Starting a partnership production company.
      3. Starting a Lesson/academic training centre.
      4. starting a catfish farming is also an option depending on you.
      5. starting eateries/Joints is also an option
      And so on

  43. Please how much will it cost to start up a small scale cosmetic business in lagos cause I’m really confused. If u don’t mind, do u mind giving me ur number so I can reach u on phone
    I truly need help

  44. Startin up a chemical production business such as : Liquid soap, lzal, dettol, vaseline etc. Ao much do i av to get to start wit. Bro Emma

  45. Nice site. Am confused on the business to start wit. I don’t want to end up wit out am impart. Am thinkin of startin the production chemical of soap,izal,dettol,vaseline etc. Ao much do i nid 2 start all diz.

    1. Hello Wada Esther,
      It depends on your location, how big you want to begin and the cost of things over things. Go for market survey in your locality to find out the cost of the reagents and other materials needed for the production.

  46. Hi Emma
    What are the necessary requirement to start up a DSTV and a GOTV subscription service center. and please tell me what to do on how to actualize the business most especially the step and procedures. and also the amount required. please you can email me the details on

    1. Hello afors saint,
      I want to suggest that if you must do this business, you need to combined it with other related business because;
      1. A lot of people are already into it.
      2. it is no longer lucrative as it use to be because people at the comfort of their home can subscribe for DSTV OR GOTV. Secondly, DSTV subscription charges are on a higher side, people are looking for best alternative.
      3. There are other satellite and TV networks available and affordable. Etc.
      For requirement, visit DSTV and GOTV office close to you to find out their requirements.

  47. Hi Emma,
    Please is it possible to start a poultry and fish pond business in abj with 200-250k? if its possible can you advice? also, please do yo have an idea about the profit from both?

  48. Hello Emma, I’m based in the UK. I’m on the verge of sending 500,000 naira to my younger sister in Lagos to start a business. Is this amount substantial for a small scale business and if so which business can bring her monthly income in the shortest possible time?

  49. Greetings,am mrs Ngozi from nigeria. I just finished my service and am looking for a business to do. Pls advice me whether to chose poultry feed,printing of recharge card pin, cosmetics, and saloon business.. Pls help me

    1. Hello Ngozi,

      it all depends on;

      1. your capital (whether you want start it as a large scale, medium scale or small scale business)
      2. the one you have little or good knowledge of.
      3. your location and where you intend locating the business.
      However, being a young woman; I suggest you start with cosmetics and saloon business.

      If you need a good business plan on cosmetics and saloon business, we can provide that for you.

      1. I need plans on how to start unisex saloon and also cosmetics business. I live in IB and I’ve been getting confused on how to monitor and manage the Business.

      2. I need plans on how to start unisex saloon and also cosmetics business. I live in IB and I’ve been getting confused on how to monitor and manage the Business.

      3. Hello am Maureen from Nigeria , I need a good business plan on cosmetic and saloon business Please provide me with one

  50. Hi,I live in United States of America and thinking of starting up a business in Nigerian,but am not sure of what to do because I have lots of business ideas.opening up a cosmetic shop,or selling children’s wears and toys,or kids party planing.

    1. Hello Nike,
      If you ask me to choose for you among the business you mention above; I will choose a cosmetic shop. If all things being equal, the business is profitable however; you need to consider some factors. These factors include; where you will situate the business (location), competition, target market, capital startup, management etc

      1. Hi sir. Am interested in producing and selling of cards. Just served finish so want to use the little capital I had to start something. My whatsapp digit is 07088632663

    2. Hi Nike, that sounds wonderful, once you have decided on your business idea we can provide you with the best quality branding and marketing services, we are based in South Africa and can build a network so you can showcase you product in South Africa and around Africa. Please do follow us on facebook for more info.
      Facebook: Future Investment Today

    3. Dr OwolabiHakeem Yinka

      Yes, my name is Dr Owolabi Hakeem. We can start as much business as possible, but, first, honesty and focus for biz growth, rather than suspicion and greed for money. If you fit into this, let start together

  51. Hello Am Patrick by name am a sales Representative at OGBEFUN OBIAHON Company Benin city. Business is one major thing in all country that individuals do normally love to go into but not everyone have ideal of which of the business to go into. Some young ladies and men have money but they don’t even know what to do with the money and as well what kind of business they should go into with it. Nigeria as a country have grow so very high and large in population,since 2001,2002,2003,2004, most people do go for new clothes but now are days is not like that most young men and girls mummies / daddies , they are all going for foreign use clothes which is popularly know as OK clothes or OKRIKA in the local markets. What we are doing now is to give help to those individuals that have interest in starting their own business we notice in Nigeria now most people prefer OK clothes it last more than the new clothes. Do you want to start your own OK or OKRIKA business and you are thinking how to start or thinking about the money to start,worry know more my dear friends,we deal on all kinds of bails LONDON Bails ,CHINA Bails ,KOREA Bails and lots more. We render our service to all part of this country,we deal on WHOLESALES AND RETAILS, E.G SUIT BALES ,LEATHER BELT BALES,SOCKS BALES,CAPS BALES,SHOES BALES,INDIAN GOWNS BALES,ALL KINDS OF ALL BALES. You can easily purchase bales from us as well even when you don’t have much money with you. Don’t stress yourself of transportation we always take care of that. contact us today, number:08156017900 call or whatssapp GOD BLESS YOU.

    1. What to go into Okrika business in Nigeria , Lagos state . I’m based in London . Where can I get supplier in London and customers in Lagos and what grade of cloth is best for business

      1. Want to start okrika business in Lagos , Nigeria but based in London , I like to know where I can get customers to buy them in Lagos and what grade of cloth is good for business ?

        1. I base in Nigeria, AWKA in Anambra state to be precise. I want to start OK business but I need a supplier from London or Lagos with good delivery system.

          A verify supplier should put his/her contact here to help others

    1. Hi I am based in South Africa if you want advise and information on graphic design do follow our company work on facebook and observe the dynamics of the industry.

      Comany: Future Investment Today

  52. I want to open a woman,s shop for my wife.We live in a not too open area in Ikorodu.She prefers to start it at home because she thinks that in the next 2 years the place will open up.I am of the opinion that we should start it in an open area and later build one at home when she is well known.
    Please advise me.

    1. Hello Aisuan David,
      I will suggest that you open up the shop for your wife in a highly traffic area, may be that is what you meant by “open area”. Opening up the shop at home can also be good if the area is a high populated residential area. However, ensure that the open area is secured before opening the shop for your wife otherwise follow your wife suggestion…which is starting business from home.

      1. Good advice.
        please follow your wife suggestion… which starting business from home.
        I also intrested in this business buy helping my wife as well.

  53. Recharge cards businesses are a great one to start with little investment. The business is so lucrative that you will make a living out of it.
    What I found more interesting about selling the recharge cards is that no matter the small denomination produced, you will surely sell to people that need them. and another good thing about the business is that there is NO wastage in it.

    Recharge card printing business is a lucrative one you can start with a minimum of N8,800 only. You can also make above N200,000 monthly printing recharges and vouchers with the right information and guides from Gracewill Communications Limited

    For more information on how you can successfully start your recharge business and make profits from it with our free software and userguide, please visit,
    Call George Agada on 08171482559,

    Buy Recharge Cards And Voucher Pins From Gracewill Communications Limited Today and be on the part way to success.

    1. Good day sir,
      Please, I am interested in the recharge card printing business, tell me the way forward.
      Best Regards,

  55. Thank u for this great info, pls how much does it take to start up a cat fish business and what’s the space like. Pls I need ur phone number or email so that I can communicate with u directly on some other things. Thank u.

    1. Hello Micheal,


      I don’t know where you are reading this article from; however, I want you to understand that situations and environments differ.

      If you are reading this article from Lagos, others from Imo, PH, Ekiti, Kano,Enugu and countries outside Nigeria may think the cost I have given here will be same. You can’t expect the cost of land to build pond (for instance) in Lagos to be the same with that of Oyo?

      You can’t also expect the cost of labour in Akwa Ibom to be the same with the cost of labour in Kano?
      Even some other materials you might expect to be of the same price are not (even in the same city). The best way to do this is to move out and ask questions.

      You`ll definitely get the cost of things you need to get started in your locality.

      If you`re planning to start the business in a big way, you may need a bole hole, a tank, a fish pond, dependable electricity to pump water and some staff to work with you.

      You will also have to get the price of the feeds you`ll need for feeding your catfish.

      The major reason why I usually avoid discussing about the cost or price on this site is because cost, price or profit are all relative.
      For example, the amount you`ll need to purchase a hectare of land to construct a fish pond in Abuja can comfortably take care of all your cost in certain part of Oyo state and the price you will sell an average catfish in Lagos may be what you`ll sell two in Kano.

      You`ll see that it doesn`t make sense to jump into conclusion that certain amount of money is what you`ll need to start a catfish business or that certain amount is what you`ll make.

      The best way I think will be to go out and investigate both your cost of starting the cat fish business and your likely profit. How much can a pond be constructed in your locality? How much it will take you to get a bole hole done? How much can you get a tank to store water? Then, how much can you get 100, 500, 1000 etc catfish fingerlings?

      Know who your competitors are and how to win there in the business.
      You can start your cat fish business where the cost of labour is low so as to sell at competitive price?

      Don`t try building your fish pond yourself, if you don`t know how to do so.
      The catfish pond should be standard. Consult some nearby fish farmers who have ponds for advice.

      Even if every other thing is alright, a bad pond can kill your profit.
      Catfish is freshwater animal. Poor quality water alone can kill your efficiency. The best sources of water for fishing business are borehole and river. Rain water and tap water from treated source is not good for your fish.

      Check acidity of your water. Acidic water is bad for fish. To check this, you`ll need to buy a PH meter, read your water and see the acid level.

      Also about the feeds. Your fish must be well feed. Your feeds should contain proper nutrients like lysine, arginine and methionine. Some farmers try using local meals to feed their fish.

      This may be good provided those meals contain the essential nutrients your fish. You have to increase your fish feeds as they grow, or otherwise, they will suffer malnutrition.

      My email address is
      Phone number;234-703-884-4464

  56. Thanks for this list of profitable and lucrative businesses in Nigeria.
    Please, which of these businesses can I invest a capital less than twenty thousand naira ( N20,000) in Nigeria. I’m considering starting a poultry farming business.

    1. Hello Ben, Poultry farming business is a lucrative business but it you need a enough space. You can start small with boiler and cockerel rearing then grow it big to Layers poultry farming. N20,000 is enough to start this business if you have space.

      1. My Emma True but depends on the amount of birds to be raised and cost of feeding its not advicing if one is not ready to loose at times…talking about when disease strikes thanks…

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