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10 Best Affiliate Program for Nigerians

There are so many ways to make money online. Some may require you own a product you sell or services you offer while others just requires that you become the channel through which customers get to know and buy the products and services.

Best Affiliate Marketing Program for NigeriansAffiliate marketing is one of the popular ways you can make money online by serving as a channel through which customers get to know and buy products from business owners. In other words, you don’t need to own a product before you can earn money through affiliate marketing.

This blog post is focused on some great affiliate programs you can start and make money online in Nigeria.

But before I dive into the best Affiliate marketing program you can sign up with, let’s briefly talk about what you need to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

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What you need to start affiliate marketing

Some of things you need to start your affiliate marketing include:

  1. Access to the internet either via phone or computer.
  2. Belong to two or three social media platforms where you market the product or services.
  3. A Blog or website

Note: you mustn’t own a Website or blog before you can start affiliate marketing.


There are so many affiliate programs you can register or sign up with but we careful selected the best affiliate marketing programs that accept Nigeria. You can sign up with any of them.

After joining the affiliate program of your choice, your goal is to convince people to buy the products or services through your unique link that will be given.

When people buy product or service through your affiliate link, you stand to share part of the profit (commissions) from those purchases with the owner of the products and services.

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Without wasting much time, let’s look at the Best Affiliate Marketing Program for Nigerians to Make Money

 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Nigerians

If you’re looking to start affiliate marketing, here is the best affiliate program in Nigeria you can sign up with:

Jumia affiliate program

Jumia is one of the big players in Nigeria’s eCommerce space. You can buy different products from their platform. You can sign up to become an affiliate marketer of Jumia products.

Product/Services: Electronics, Clothes, Phones, Laptops, Accessories and lots more

Payment method: Direct deposit

Payment period: Monthly

Earning potential: Up to 13% commission per sale

 Konga affiliate program

Konga is the sister eCommerce platform with Jumia. It sells almost the same products. You can sign up to become an affiliate marketer of Konga products. Your commission is based on the categories of products that you are marketing.

Product/Services: Fashion, Sports and Fitness, Automotive and Industrial, Beauty, Health and Personal Care, Home & Kitchen, Electronics, Accessories, Computers (Laptops & Desktops), Phones & Tablets Drinks & Groceries.

Payment method: Transfer from wallet to your bank account.

Payment period: 30th of every month

Earning potential: 1% to 3.9% commission per sale

Binance Affiliate Program

Binance is the world largest cryptocurrency exchange platform where exchangers can trade and make money. You job as a Binance Affiliate is to get more users to join the program. IThe good side of this program is that you can make a lot of money when your referrals trade on Binance. The downside is that those who fail to meet up with the condition as stipulated in their affiliate program may not earn well. Sign up on Binance now to start making money as their affiliate.

Product/Services: Crytocurrency investment and Cryptocurrency trading

Payment method: bank debt card, Luno

Payment period: NA

Earning potential: up to 50% of referrals trading

Avangate affiliate program

Avangate is an affiliate marketing platform that promotes software and digital products. You will have access to different digital product that your refer to buyers while you earn your commission from every sale. You sign up to become an affiliate and start making money as you get referrals to your selected products.

Product/Services:  Different digital products from Avangate advertisers

Payment method: wire transfer, check, PayPal or Avangate MasterCard

Payment period: $100 minimum payout.

Earning potential: Depends on performance and selected products.

Envato Affiliate Program

 Envato Market is one of the biggest players in the digital eCommerce world. They sell software, plugins, themes, and other kinds of apps that you can imagine. They have two kinds of programs for affiliate marketers. The first is for marketing products that involve a one-time purchase. While the second is for referring customers to their subscription programs. You can sign up now to join Envato affiliate program.

Product/Services: Creative products like themes, plugins, software, and a lot more.

Payment method: Electronic fund transfer (EFT), Paypal.

Payment period: 16th of every month for your previous month refers

Earning potential: 30% for one time purchased products, $120 for annual subscribers, and $60 for monthly subscribers

Admitad CPA Network

Admitad CPA Network is an affiliate marketing network that has bout 600000+ publishers who are promoting products and services of different advertisers on their platform. You can make money promoting products from Admitad CPA Network. You can sign up for an account to start referring buyers to your selected products.

Product/Services: General products from advertisers.

Payment method: Bankcard, PayPal, WebMoney, Payoneer

Payment period: Minimum withdrawals depends on your currency.

Earning potential: Depends on performance and selected products.

Click Funnel

Click funnel is a SaaS product that helps entrepreneurs to reach their goals. This platform is unique because you will keep earning commission as long as your referrals keep using Click Funnel. It is very possible to increase your earning per month. There is also a bonus package of getting your dream car when you reach a particular milestone. Get you can get started with Click Funnel to start earning commission as you drive traffic to their products and services.

Product/Services: Saas product

Payment method: PayPal, Check, Local transfer, or ECH.

Payment period: 1st and 5th of each month when you hit $100

Earning potential: 40% per referrals for life, as long as your referrals are still using their program

Kartra affiliate program

Kartra is an all in one platform for online business owners to manage and make their work easy. It prides itself as having most of the features that most online business owners need at a price less than what they may pay if they are to use these features separately. Your job as a Kartra affiliate is to get referrals to use their services. You can join Kartra affiliate to start making money. The more referrals you get, the more your monthly payments.

Product/Services: Marketing automation, Webhosting, email management and lot more

Payment method: Paypal, Check, WireTransfer.

Payment period: minimum withdrawal is $100

Earning potential: 40% per referrals for life, as long as your referrals are still using their program

Flex Offers

Flex Offers is an affiliate program aggregator. You will gain access to numerous affiliate programs listed within categories on the Flex Offer’s platform. As a Nigerian, you can get paid through ACH or wire transfer. The downside is that some of the payment methods needs a higher threshold before you can receive your payment. You join Flex Offers to become one of their affiliates.

Product/Services: Divers products and services

Payment method: PayPal, Wire transfer, ACH, Check

Payment period: 60 days after the month of sales, mostly 1st to 7th of each month

Earning potential: Depends on your selected programs

Commission Junction (CJ)

Commission Junction (CJ) is one of the best affiliate platforms for publishers who already have audience visiting their blogs or website. You can access different products on this platform. The fair side is that they are open to everyone. As a Nigerian, you can use Payoneer to receive your earnings.

Product/Services: Diverse products

Payment method: Payoneer, Direct deposit.

Payment period: 20 days of the end of the month.

Earning potential: Earning is based on performance

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon is the world’s largest eCommerce website. It houses all kind of products that you can ever imagine. They also run an affiliate program which you can make money from by referring potential customers to the products on their websites. Their commission is based on the type of product you are referring to. Get more about how Amazon affiliates structure. Before you sign up for the Amazon affiliate program, you need to have a channel through which you are going to market their products.

Product/Services: Major products in the market.

Payment method: bank transfer, gift card, or checks

Payment period: 60days after the end of each month

Earning potential:  from 1% to 10% per product sale

Grammarly Affiliate

Grammarly is one of the best writing tools that can help writers to make better use of their time and resources. Their affiliate program is also one of the best because you can earn money even when those you refer to opt for their premium option. You can join Grammarly Affiliate Program to start earning money.

Product/Services: Productivity tool for writers.

Payment method: Check (US only), Bank wire transfer, and direct deposit.

Payment period: 20th and 21st of every month

Earning potential: $20 per premium account and $0.2 per free account + $25 bonus


Now, you can join any of the listed affiliate programs and start making money as you get people to use your links to buy the goods and services you are marketing.

While this may be easier without a blog or website. Starting your blog will add more to your earning and also give you better opportunities to turn your blog into another route through which you can earn money online.


Do you have any question about any of the list above, you can use the comment box below to ask your question or comment.

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