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Top 25 Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria {+ how to get started}

In this article, I’ll show you 25 ways to make money online in Nigeria. You can leverage the internet to make money in Nigeria. The internet abounds with so many different ways to make money. So, if you’re looking for ways to make money online in Nigeria, look no further. This post is just what you need.

Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria
Making money online in Nigeria

– May be you’re a student in Nigeria, looking for ways to make money to support yourself in school. And to avoid being a school dropout. Or you’re an unemployed graduate wanting to earn money online for living while waiting to be employ. This post will guide you

– Even if you’re a housewife, looking for ways to make money to support your family. Or a man in the family, wanting to create multiple stream of income to cater for needs of your family. This post is what you need.

As an entrepreneur, wanting to raise money to start a new business or grow an existing business. You can follow our ways to make money online to do that.

Whatever that might be your reason(s) looking for how to make money online in Nigeria; don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

Apart from the fact that we allow people to earn money from; we also show people different ways to make money online. This is what we know how to do best on this site. You can always count on us on that. For example; in one of our previous post, we showed you ‘how to make money on Google in Nigeria’.

Today, I’ll show you legitimate 25 ways to make money online in Nigeria. With about 5.18 billion people that access internet daily, the internet has made the world a global village. It has changed the way we live and how we make money. With few click of buttons away, you can make money online.

What do you need to make money online?

Some of the key things you need to make money online in Nigeria include:

  • Online Money making ideas – this is what I always show you on this site and I’m still showing it to you on this page.
  • Laptop and internet subscription – this will allow you to access the internet from anywhere around the world
  • Skills – this will depends on your interest. You may need to have some skills to get some online jobs done.
  • Hard work – you must be ready to work hard if you want to make money online. Making money online is not a get rich quick scheme. And hard work they say, pays.

Now that I have equipped you with what you need to make money online, let see the ways to make the money…

How to make money online in Nigeria

Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria

Here are ways on how you can make money online in Nigeria:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of best ways to make money online in Nigeria. If you are good at persuading certain target audience to take a specific action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a service; you should consider affiliating marketing.  In other words, if you are a salesperson who is capable of converting your audience to sales leads, seriously affiliate marketing is your best bet.

Affiliate Marketing is a system where you get paid (in form of commission) by other websites for bringing them targeted traffic, or referred visitors. This you can do through the affiliate link that will be given to you.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

Let say, you have a total of 20,000 people as friends on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and also traffic from your blog. And you promote a special affiliate product (smartphone) to them for one month.  Out of the 20,000 people, 50 purchase the smartphone through your affiliate link. If your affiliate company sells the smartphone at 100,000 naira each and pays you an affiliate commission of up 20% per sale, 20% of 100,000 is 20,000.

If you multiple 20,000 by 50, that gives you N1,000,000 (one million naira). Wow! You’ve just made 1Million naira from affiliate marketing. Imagine, repeating this for six month.

Now, to get started with affiliate marketing:

  • You’ve to research for high demanding products or services
  • Then, you sign up for the affiliate programs (if available)
  • Finally, you promote the affiliate products through your blog and social media pages to earn commissions

Here is the detail explanation:

You can search online for high demanding product using Google search trend, normal search engine or even ask people via questionnaire.  Once you’re able to discover one or two of such product, boom! You’re good to good.

After discovering high demanding products, the next thing you do is to sign up for their affiliate program. There are some companies with great affiliate programs you can sign up for. Affiliate networks like cj affiliate, Jumia affiliate, Amazon affiliate program, Konga affiliate program etc are good affiliate programs in Nigeria. If you’re looking for more affiliate programs, you can find more in this article on best affiliate programs for Nigerians.

Once sign up for an affiliate program; get an affiliate link to the product you’ll promote. You can share this link on your blog, social platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, whatsapp page, etc. When people click on this link, and buy the product, you’ll earn money.

If you interest to start affiliate marketing and make money, this article will show you How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria . Download how to make money on jumia affiliate program. That’s naijaonlinebiz’s beginner guide to make money on jumia affiliate marketing.


Blogging is another popular ways to make money online in Nigeria. If you have passion for a subject and you can express yourself very well in writing, making money online blogging is your best option. One good thing about blogging is that once you’ve successful build your blog, you will be making money while you sleep. If you wake up any day and check your AdSense account, you will discover you’ve made some dollars.

How does blogging works?

  • You find niche and create a blog using a platform like wordpress or blogger
  • Then, you continuously publish valuable contents to attract visitors to your blog and build loyal readers
  • Finally, you can use AdSense, affiliate marketing, and any other means to make money from your blog.

The detail explanation is as follows:

Find a niche within that area that you can serve and then, you create a blog around it. The right step is to determine what you’re good at or what you’re passionate about. Interestingly, we have this article on 15 untapped blog niches you can choose from, and they’re easily monetizable.

Publishing a valuable content consistently will help you in building loyal readers of your blog. For more detail ways to build loyal readers of your blog, you can read this article on how to drive traffic to a blog.

With Google Adsense, affiliate marketing and selling your own or other people’s product; you will make money from your blog. The amount of money  make from blog depends on your blog traffics and their demographics.

We’ve made everything easy for you, read this our article on how to make money through blogging in Nigeria to get explicit details of ways to monetize your blog. And if you have not started blogging but you’re interested in blogging, you should consider reading: How to start a successful blogging in Nigeria.


Freelancing is another proven way to make money online in Nigeria without paying a dime. If you have one special skill or the other, freelancing will be best option for you to make money online.

Freelancing is all about using your skills to render services to people who need it at a convenient time and getting paid at the completion. And you can start freelancing without a dime. Some of the best freelancing jobs out there include: writing jobs, graphic designing jobs, web designing and so on.

How does Freelancing work?

  • First, you acquire profitable skills
  • Next, create an account on freelancing platforms
  • Then, build your portfolio
  • Finally, you accept and complete tasks to make money.

The detail explanation is as follows:

Acquiring some profitable skills or skillsets is the first step in making money freelancing. If you have one skill or the other, freelancing is for you.

Platform like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and Guru are trusted freelancing websites that offer freelancers all over the world opportunity to make money via their services. So, you can create an account with these freelancing platforms.

Once you’ve create an account on a freelancing platform, the next is to start building your portfolio. Take up tasks that are related to the skills you’ve acquired to boost your profile and build your portfolio. Complete as many as this kind of tasks to gain more experience in the freelancing business while you’re earning money on the processing.

If your interest is starting freelancing, read our article on: how to start freelancing in Nigeria and make money. It will help you get started. Again if you’re good at writing, consider reading our article on: How to Start Freelance Writing in Nigeria to get started with your freelance writing career.

Sell your Products

If you have a product and you’re good at digital marketing, selling your own products is best option for you to make money online. You can sell virtually anything online ranging from digital products such as kindle, ezines, video courses, software, Multimedia (e.g. pictures, games) to physical products.

How does selling your product work?

There are 2 ways to sell your own product Online.

  1. Sell through third-party websites to make money
  2. Sell through your website to make money

Selling products through third-party websites to make money

This is easiest way to sell your own product online. All you have to do is just to create an account on the third-part websites. Some reliable third- part websites you can sell your product;

Selling product through your own website to make money

This is a bit long and tedious job. You’ll need to hire the services of a website developer, product designer, logo designer etc. to help you get your website running. You’ll also need to integrate payment system for easy acceptance of payment, advertise or promote your website so that people can find your product. All these are tedious process but worth giving a trial.


If you’re good at creating unique videos, you can make money uploading those videos on your YouTube Channel. YouTube is a platform use in sharing videos. You can make videos on anything- tutorials, entertainments, interviews and what have you.

How does YouTube works?

  • First of all, you create Youtube channel using your Google Gmail account
  •  Next, you create quality videos
  • Then, you upload the videos to your YouTube and share them across your social network.
  • Finally as you get views and subscribers, use Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and other methods to make money from your videos.

The details explanation is as follows:

With your Google Gmail account, you can create Youtube channel. Make sure you give your Youtube channel a name that is related your niche or area you wish to cover for better ranking on google search. And then proceed to uploading your videos.

Once you created a YouTube channel, next thing is to start uploading video tutorials, reviews, DIYs, or videos that are related to your brand to attract viewers. Youtube gets an amazing 5 billion viewers each day.

Use Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing and sponsoring advertiser to make money from your video. You can also sell your own product and so many other ways to make money from your videos.

If your interest is to make money on YouTube and you don’t know how to go about that, don’t worry! We have this guide on: How to Make Money from YouTube in Nigeria that will help you.

Online Business

If you have experience in an industry or offer a service you think the global world need, you’ll make money online by starting an online business. This is one of the best ways to make money online in Nigeria but not without its setback. It requires huge capital investment.

If you intend to make money online in Nigeria by setting up an online business, follow these 5 steps:

  1. Brainstorm a profitable idea or product
  2. Develop a business plan
  3. Create a website
  4. Put up the product or services you offer your website
  5. Promote your website to attract customers

Work on these five steps of setting up an online business. It is whole lot of work plan you need to put in place if you want to get good result in long run.

Some examples of Online Businesses you can set up include Online store, Digital marketing Agency, Website hosting & Domain reseller company, Logistic company, etc.

Online Paid Surveys

Participating in online surveys is another easy way to make money online in Nigeria. If you love giving your opinion on issues by answering some questions, paid survey is for you.   Just with your phone, you can complete most online survey and earn rewards, bonus or points. If you are student looking for how to make money online in Nigeria in your free time, consider this.

How does online paid survey work?

  • First, you search for legitimate paid survey sites
  • Next, you create an account on the survey and wait for their approval
  • After approval, surveys will be sent to you. Complete survey by giving your opinion and get paid

Most online surveys take 20 -30 minutes to be completed and the reward per survey is $1 – $2.5.

There are some sites out there you can register with that offer legitimate paid surveys in Nigeria. All it takes is finding one that suits your needs and interests. If this sounds like something interesting you then check out these online paid survey sites:

  • ySense
  • Mobrog Nigeria
  • PrizeRebel
  • Surveyjunkie
  • Mypoints

Once you discover a paid survey site that suit your interest, create an account on the site. And then, build your profile.

Take surveys based on your area of expertise, and start earning money. You can also find online paid survey networks where you can create an account, complete surveys, and get paid.

If your interest is to make money on paid survey, this top 10 Nigerian Survey Sites to Make Money will definitely be of great help to you.

Sell Online Course

Selling Online course can be a great way to make money online in Nigeria. If you’re good at any subject, you can create a course on the subject. Online courses on health, marketing, entrepreneurial skills are fast selling courses.

If you interested in creating courses to make money online, you can sign up on platforms like Teachable, Udemy, thinkific etc. to create online course for sell.

A good package online course can continuously create passive income for you.

Make money online writing articles for blogs

. If you have good writing skills you can make money online by writing articles for blogs. This is aspect of freelancing. And you can earn up to $5 – $100 per article depending on how long it takes you to finish up.

If your interest is to make money online by writing articles for blogs/websites, this article on websites that pay writers in Nigeria will shows you some list of websites you can write articles for. You can check that out.

Interestingly, naijaonlinebiz is one of the blog on that list. To start writing articles for, indicate your interest by sending us message through our contact page. You can write on range of topics covering business, technology, investment to finance.  Once your article is accepted, you get paid for it.

Online Bank with V

Starting an online bank with mobile phone and recruiting people to your bank is an easy way to make money. To start this, you do not need license or any documents, all you need is your mobile phone. The process is very simple. Download an app called V by VFD. The app is owned by one of the biggest well-known microfinance banks in Nigeria, VFD Microfinance Bank. This bank is regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Go to Google Play Store or App Store and download the app. Click here to download it from the App store or Google Play Store. After downloading, install it. Open the app and click on ‘create account’, fill out the form and complete your registration.  Use 9CTUJ as your referral code

Now you will have a bank account. It is advised that you deposit money into the app, at least N2000 to activate the account. You can use the app to transfer money, do cashless withdrawals, pay bills, and buy airtime and many more.

Log into the app, click on ‘profile’ at the bottom of the screen and then click on ‘become a Veelager’ beside your profile picture.

It will open to a browser, enter your account and accept terms and conditions. Go your email and verify email. Reset your password and you will be ready to start your bank!

Sign in to your Veelager account. You will see ID referral code. Copy it. Then start using it to refer to your PEOPLE.  The more PEOPLE, the more you earn.

If you refer up to 25 people who download the app and have a combined balance of up to N500, 000 as monthly average balance, you will earn up to N30,000 every month! (Sergeant Level).

If you refer 75 download the app and have a combined balance of N2 million as monthly average balance, you will earn N50, 000 every month (Lieutenant Level).

For 100 people who download the app and have a combined balance of N5 million, you will earn N100, 000 every month (Captain Level).

If you can refer 250 people who download the app and have a combined balance of N7.5 million, you will earn N150, 000 a month (Major Level).

Now, if you refer up to 1000 people who download the app and have a combined balance of N25, million, you will earn N500, 000 every month (Colonel Level).

Then, if you can refer up to 2000 people who download the app and have a combined balance of N100 million, you will be earning N1 million every month.

Get started and remember to use 9CTUJ as your referral code.

If you use the app to save, you will be earning monthly interest on it. This is an added advantage. Get more information on how to save, invest and make money with V (V by VFD).

Online Store

Setting up an online store is a genuine way to earn income online in Nigeria. Online Store is an Ecommerce platform use to sell products/services over the internet. Whether you are into digital products, fashion designing, gadget sales, shoe-making, furniture amongst others you can setup online store to sell these items.

Even if you do not have products to sell, you can set up an online store and look for distributors and copy their products into your store. Whenever a customer orders for a product, you forward it to the distributors, they supply the product to the customer and you get paid.

If your interest is to make money online by setting up an online store, follow these 5 steps:

  1. get a good domain name (business name) and register it
  2. Host your website
  3. Install an online store software like Shopify or WooCommerce plugin
  4. Upload your products or items
  5. Sell your product

The volume of product-based searches worldwide is increasing every day. This means more money on daily bases.

If you really want to make money online via online store, this article on how to set up an online store in Nigeria will help you.

Provide Consultancy services

If you are an expert in your field or you have a good knowledge of a subject, you can make money online in Nigeria by providing consultancy services.

Here is the procedure:

  • Build a website and add information about the services you render
  • Add live lines and chat box for reaching you easily
  • Promote your website to attract clients

For example: If you are an experienced and expert dietician, you create and fill your website with diet solutions and some health-related issues. When you have an online audience, you can offer to meet with your clients physically to help them solve their problems or you can offer one-on-one video or online chats to assist them at a fee.

Depending on your expertise, online consultancy services you can provide to make money online in Nigeria include:

  • Consultancy services to small businesses.
  •  Services on a freelance basis
  • Special advice to entrepreneurs and how to improve the quality of their products or services
  • Etc

Forex Trading

If you have a good forex trading skills, you can make money online in Nigeria by trading forex. Forex is a foreign exchange market where traders and investors buy and sell currencies

Trading forex is risky, so you have to make sure your investment is safe by using a regulated broker. Adopt proven trading strategies and indicators to improve your chances of success.

If you interest to make money online by trading forex, this article on how to trade forex in Nigeria will definitely help you. Trading Forex can be a very lucrative way to make money, so get started today and see for you just how great it can be!

Cryptocurrency Trading

Just like Forex, you can trade cryptocurrency arbitrary to make money online in Nigeria. With a good knowledge and constant practice, you can become an expert crypto trader. If you have a good understanding of the crypto market and the coins involved, take things slowly and trade carefully – making small and manageable bets.

If you want to make money online by trading cryptocurrency, follow these 3 steps:

  • Create an account on Binance
  • Deposit or upload fund on your crypto wallet
  • Select crypto coins to trading e.g. bitcoin, etherum, Solana
  • Start trading!

Ensure you keep track of your portfolio, so that you won’t lose money along the way.

Performing Simple Tasks

One of the easiest ways you can make money online in Nigeria is by performing some simple tasks online. If you are a student, this is a perfect way for you to make money online. With your phone, you can perform some simple tasks online.  As you perform the simple tasks, you earn rewards, bonuses, points or credits. This accrues and once you reach a payment threshold, you’ll get paid.

Some simple tasks you can perform to earn include things like:

  • Signing up on the platform
  • Referring a friend to the platform
  • Reading news on the platform
  • Reviewing products/services
  • Downloading an App

Swagbucks is example of platforms that promise to pay when you sign up and perform some of these simple tasks.  So, if you want to earn money online performing some simple tasks, you can sign up on any of these platforms.

There are other platforms out there; you can do your own research. Make sure you review any platform before you join.

Other Ways to Make Money Online In Nigeria

  1. Make money online by Developing Apps

 If you’re experienced in programming, you can make money online in Nigeria by developing Mobile App. Game app, payment app, trading app, etc are top mobile app you can develop. It is a high paying job, and you can do it from anywhere in the world.

  1. Make money online by Designing Graphics

If you have good problem solving skills and you can create professional designs, you can make money online by designing graphics. As a graphic designer, you create logos, websites and other media for businesses or individuals.  You’ll also create presentations such as business cards or brochures that might be used in an office environment. This, you can do for companies or as a freelancer.

if your interest is to start graphic designing, I  have this previous detailed post on How to Start Graphic Designing Business in Nigeria. You can consider reading that for more information.

  1. Make money online Tutoring

If you’re good at or knowledgeable of any topic, you can make money online via online tutoring. You can deliver the online tutoring to your students via webinar, instagram livestream, email, videos or a one-on-one online chat. Online tutors make roughly $15,000 per single course.

  1. Make money online via Web Development

if you know how to code, you can make money online via web development. There are many different programming languages you can to develop a website used, but the most common ones are PHP and HTML5. Once you’re good at these coding languages, making money online through web development is the best option for you. As a web developer, you should be to build websites/apps for clients. And you also Market yourself as an expert in certain areas on YouTube/Facebook etc.

  1. Make money online by Publishing EBook

 People are looking for ways to solve their daily challenges. If you have solutions to these daily issues, you can make money online by publishing an eBook on how to solve these challenges. For example: if you have a blog about travel in Nigeria, you can monetize it by selling ebooks on the topic of traveling around Africa,

  1. Make money online as a Social Media Marketer

 If you good at using social media to reach and engage targeted audience, then you work as a social media marketer to make money online. Some social media platforms you can use to promote your product and services as a social media marketer include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp etc.

  1. Make money online by offering feedback on Apps

You can make money online in Nigeria by offering quality feedback on App. A short review of the app and by including your contact information will help people to reach out to you. You can also share affiliate link for app marketing to make money and to improve your online presence at the same time.

  1. Make money online by Reselling domains/Website

 If you’re internet savvy, you can make money online by registering a new domain name and listing it for sale. DomainsForSale, GoDaddy etc. are domain marketplace you can list domain for sale and make money. To succeed in domains reselling, you have to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and news in the domain reselling industry.

  1. Make money online by Testing Apps and website

 If you are willing to put in hard work, you can make money online in Nigeria testing app and website. App testing is a process of evaluating the performance of an app before it is released to the public. While web testing is the process of: evaluating the design, functionality, and security of a website. Both can be time consuming.

  1. Make money online by Starting Instagram Live Series

Starting Instagram Live Series is one of ways to make money online using your phone. Whether you’re into fitness, makeup tutorials, or just trying out new food trends, you can make money online by broadcasting these contents on instagram live series. You get paid every time someone watches it live. You don’t need any special skills or equipment to start broadcasting – all you need is an iPhone or Android phone and an internet connection!

Finally, you can buy and sell stocks to make money online in Nigeria. Stocks are shares or ownership of certificate of a company. Before buying shares of any company, try and do your own research to make sure that you’re making the best decisions, and remember – never to invest money that you can’t afford to lose!

FAQs on how to make Money Online in Nigeria

  1. How can I avoid being scammed on making money online?

Few tips to help you avoid being scammed online are use of a reliable and secure browser, avoid clicking on suspicious links or linking on link that look suspicious, always be cautious about downloading files from unverified sources etc.

  1. How do I protect my personal information on making money online?

Here are some tips that will protect your identity and personal information: Always create a strong password and keep it confidential. Never give out too much personal information such as bank account numbers or social security numbers over the phone or email.


There you have it! Top 25 ways to make money online in Nigeria. With the above 25 ways you can make money online in Nigeria without much hassle. Have the right mindset, be diligent and persistent. Making money online is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Interestingly, we have a video. This video will show you how to make money online writing article for Watch it! Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel for our latest videos.

I will keep this article updated as we research and verify more proven ways to make money online in Nigeria.

Warning: This content is solely and original property of Webmasters and bloggers can link to it but should NOT copy or duplicate any part of it.


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