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Precious Obiora asked 1 year ago

Dear readers, in this short article, I’ll be pointing out what every writer or upcoming writers should know. There are two types of writers, which are the talented writers and the hard working writers, the talented ones are born with this gift and they start to write from when they were little or middle aged. Then the hard working writers are those born without the talent, but wants to grow and improve in their writing skills. If you’re in any of this categories then this article is for you.
Before I start listing what every writer must know; you have to know that whether you’re a talented or hardworking writer, you still need something’s to spice up your growth in writing, and every great writer is also a great reader, so follow me to the end.

Browse always on different synonyms to use instead of the basic ones.
Implementing these skills helps in improving your vocabularies, in speech and writing which makes you an excellent writer. Have you ever listened to grammarian’s and wished you you spoke like them? I do too and that’s more reason you should keep on reading this article.

7 things every new writer needs to know:
Not Everyone Is Going to Like Your Work.
Your Fiction Should Be About Something.
Your Job Is to Tell Your Stories.
First Novels Are Hard to Sell.
With Your First Book, Knock Their Socks Off.
If You Want to Write It, You’ve Got to Read It.
When writing, make your work colourful and interesting.
Forward to skills every writer must possess, this is what makes up a writer, without this skills, you should be referred to as a spectator.
Communication skills. It may seem obvious, but any writer should possess excellent communication skills.
Organization skills.
Research skills.
Know what you want to write.
You must be at least 70% creative.
Try to build something out of nothing.
Lastly I wouldn’t fail to give you the very important parts of writing which is the rules of writing, not everyone knows this and that’s why no matter how you write you don’t gain or get good comments for it because it lacks this rules:
Do not write long sentences.
Each sentence should make a clear statement.
Do not use big words. …
Never use words whose meaning you are not sure of.
The beginner should avoid using adjectives, except those of colour, size and number.
Avoid the abstract.
If you got to this point of this article, then you must be a great writer. Remember at the beginning part of my article I said that every great writer is also a great reader.

~Precious Aghadigbo

1 Answers
Pebang Ali answered 1 year ago


Every writer, whether a beginner or a seasoned professional, should know the following:

  1. Writing is a craft that requires practice: Writing is a skill that can be developed and improved over time. It takes practice, patience, and persistence to become a better writer.
  2. Good writing requires good reading: Reading widely and consistently can help writers develop their own style and voice. It also exposes them to different genres, writing styles, and techniques.
  3. Writing requires discipline and routine: Writing regularly, setting goals, and sticking to a schedule can help writers stay motivated and productive.
  4. Editing is just as important as writing: Editing involves revising, proofreading, and refining the writing to make it clearer and more effective. Good editing can turn a mediocre piece of writing into a great one.
  5. Writing for an audience is essential: Writing with a clear understanding of your audience’s needs and expectations can help you create more engaging and effective content.
  6. Feedback is valuable: Getting feedback from other writers, editors, or readers can provide valuable insights and help improve the writing.
  7. Writing is a process: Writing involves multiple drafts, revisions, and edits. It’s important to embrace the process and not get discouraged by setbacks or failures.

In conclusion, writing is a challenging but rewarding pursuit. Every writer should strive to improve their craft, develop good habits, and seek feedback to become a better writer.