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Skrill Issues

Smart Agbonghae asked 6 years ago

Hello Mr Emma, I really commend ur resounding interest in resolving issues with skrill account, I applaud ur selflessness. I’m Smart n would like you to help me with d following issues or questions :
1. I my phone got stolen n I had 2fa authentication on my skrill account n since I’ve got a new phone I’ve been unable to login to my account, I sent skrill a mail but still av not got a response, wot should I do?
2. Can u confirm for me if Gtbank naira mastercard is still functional on skrill for deposit cos my card expired n dry renewed it with d same details expect expiry n ccv2?
3. Can I truly still withdraw to my Gtbank savings account?
4. Is bitcoin deposit option working n can I withdraw via bitcoin directly to my wallet?
5. Can I get paid directly to my naira master card or is it only visa card dt has dis function?
6. Which bank is advisable apart from Gtbank for skrill?

Thumbs up sir Emma u are really doing a great job. N Tnx in advance for your speedy reply…