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how to make a female friend happy

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mapidin JAMES asked 3 years ago

how to make a female friend happy

1 Answers
Ahmed T.Ndawoyo answered 3 years ago

How to make a female friend happy.

In orderto make a female friend happy,there are certain things you must first consider in respect of the female friend that you want to make happy.
Those basic things like her taste ,eg taste for certain kinds of food, taste for certain brand of clothing ,taste for luxury items such as cars,accommodation.
After finding out about her tastes then based on it you can start working round the clock to impress her by motivating her along her line of taste.
We must not also forget that the way you present yourßelf to a lady ,eg your mode of dressing,the way you dish out comforting conversation and romantic wordings can play a very great role in making a female friend happy.
But going to thee core of the matter, we must not forget about the main item in the whole relationship; In short,how you handle her romantically can surely rank as the best way to make a female friend happy.